Women Should Learn About Their Personal Care

Women’s hygiene, a very important matter which needs to be addressed. A subject, which women need to learn about. I have been learning about the different types of women’s hygiene available, and believe me, there is a lot that us women don’t know. For example, did you know that there are about 13 different types of sanitary pads available?, Not only that but most places which stock women’s hygiene also do maternity pads and incontinence pads. Read more here bath & body works coupon.

See there are many things which women do not know about their personal care, like for instance, what suits them best. They do not know, what is good quality, what is not, the different types of tampons which will suit different women. Now, I’m a woman myself, and I am only informing all women about this, because I have just recently learnt so much, I believe that they should know as well. What is the difference between a maxi-pad and ultra-pad? For those who didn’t know, don’t feel bad because a lot of other women didn’t either. I shall tell you.

Maxi Pads, are thicker than ultra pads and come in four different types, regular, super, slender and long.

The Regular Maxi Pads are contoured to comfortably fit the shape of your body and is suitable for medium to heavy flow.

The Long Maxi Pads are thick and extra long for extra protection especially when you are asleep and for extra protection during the night.

And for those that may not know, a Super Maxi Pad, is thicker than a regular to give more protection, for those with medium to heavy flow.

A Slender Maxi Pad, is thicker than a regular, however it is slimmer, for those with light to medium flow.

See you don’t have to wear, the first one you pick up, read the label. What suits YOU best? Which would you prefer? We are all different.

Now, Ultra Pads come in regular, Super, Super plus, and long, also all of these may or may not have wings. Hunt around, find the one which you will be more comfortable with. Now I am not going to go into the ultra pads, because I guess that you can probably guess which one’s are which. However I will say one thing, regular is ultra thin, super is thin, super plus is thicker than super, and long, is for night times and for extra protection when you need it most.

Also did you know that there are 5 different types of tampons on the market?

For those of you lucky ones, there is the regular either with or without the applicator, this is for light to medium flow, the applicator makes it easier to put a tampon in, however the non-applicator is more comfortable and can be 100% cotton.

There is the Super Tampons, which are for those with medium to heavy flow and these tampons also come with or without an applicator. There is also a Super Plus tampon which can come with a non-applicator, made with 100% cotton and is for those with medium to heavy flow.

You also have those pads that you can wear everyday, which just lets you have a sense of security and lets you feel safe. The Ultra Thin Liner, is exactly what it says, the Tanga panty liner, is for those who want to wear sexy under wear like thongs, or french nickers, without anyone finding out that you are wearing protection. You also have a breathable liner, which again is, what it says. It allows you to breathe by being made from 100% cotton. A curved liner will be perfectly contoured to your body.

Most places which sell of these above products also sell intimate wipes for you too feel nice and fresh when you need it most, incontinence pads, nursing pads and maternity pads.

So next time you go out to buy your personal care products, think carefully, is that one really best for you? Think about your personal care products!