Why Starving Yourself Should Not Be a Part of Your Fitness Routine

Weight loss: Why starving yourself isn't the right way to shed kilos | The  Times of India

Feeling like you are eating more than what you can sweat? Our first instinct is to deprive ourselves of some good food. The following content will explain why starving yourself does not help lose weight and worse, why it will eventually do the other way around. Improve your fitness training with these important tips!

Eating is good for your fitness

Some athletes eat a generous amount of food. Yes, you heard it right. We have different biological makeup, and our body responds to different activities. Have you found it hard lately to lose weight even if you are fitness training and not eating much?

Eating is a natural process that our body needs besides drinking a generous amount of water. Without getting the needed nutrients in your body like proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, our body is forced to compromise. A compromised body is not a healthy body. There are many reasons why your body becomes unhealthy. It can be your sleep pattern, your diet, your hygiene, your habits, and your daily activities. It can also be your mental health. For most people, food is the most accessible element that we have the urge to give up just to lose weight. But that is not true and rather counterproductive.

A good and balanced meal should give you enough energy to burn. When training and going to a fitness club, you need carbohydrates and fats for pre-workout and protein-rich meals for post-workouts. Our fitness trainers at FitPrint will also promote the same so that you stop thinking about starving yourself. 

What happens when you starve? 

Your body’s natural process when you do not eat is to feel hungry. That is your body’s way of telling you that you are normal in fuel, and you need to fuel up to go further.

Starving oneself will not help in any way. Starving leads to overconsumption of food and uncontrolled eating. Never skip any meal. It is more encouraged to eat small meals than to skip a meal.

The process of starving for a person is not only considered biological suicide. It also hurts your emotional well-being. You become stressed easily and experience mood swings. Your hormones become imbalanced, and you feel more irritated. Your emotions are flared because you have not gained enough energy to process your thoughts and feelings. Instead of reaching your fitness goals, you will end up becoming unhealthy.

Get yourself a good diet plan rather than a diet “run”

Never run away from eating. It is the most fundamental and human thing that we cannot forgo – most especially when you are fitness training. You need fats and carbohydrates to burn and use for a much greater physical performance and experience, and most importantly, results.

If you have not consulted a dietician or your regular physician, go ahead and book your consultation right away. The best way to guide yourself with your diet and nutrition is to consult and talk to an expert and practitioners.

FitPrint requires enthusiasm which requires energy. We do not want you to faint during our training sessions! We care for you and the best thing that you can do for yourself is take care of your body. Remember, eating is a natural human activity. Never waste a day in the gym without eating because you know where you would end up – in the hospital if not on the floor. Personal training with us is best with balanced meals and focus on your goals.