Why Is Proper Nutrition Necessary Before and After Chemotherapy?

Cancer cells multiply and grow at a rapid rate. Because of this, chemotherapy might be recommended by the physician to kill the cancer. Chemotherapy is one type of cancer treatment that uses chemicals in order to destroy the cancer cells. This is normally done to prevent the growth of a tumor or to kill the microscopic cancer cells that might be left after the removal of a cancer tumor by surgery. But in going through chemotherapy, although the treatment is designed to destroy cancer cells, the healthy cells of a patient’s body could also be affected. Normal cells that are most likely to be affected are the blood cells forming in the bone marrow, the reproductive system, hair follicles, and the cells in the digestive tract. Chemotherapy is an aggressive treatment and because the chemicals used are harsh to the body, other organs like the cells of the kidneys, bladder, lungs, heart and nervous system could also be damaged. For anyone who is considering such treatment (for someone in your family, relative or friend), it is important to have knowledge about chemotherapy and proper nutrition before, during and after treatment.

How long do the side effects of chemotherapy last?

Most normal cells can recover after the chemotherapy treatment. Although the side effects are evident, it could disappear when the treatment ends. But the recuperation of a patient’s body depends on a lot of factors and that includes the following:

* The general health of the patient
* The type of cancer being treated
* How advanced the cancer in the body is
* The kind of chemotherapy treatment

A strong support group is also very important the help the patient recover easily. The following are some common side effects on a patient’s body after chemotherapy treatment:

* Diarrhea
* Constipation
* Mouth Sores
* Loss of Appetite
* Nausea
* Vomiting
* Hair loss
* Fatigue
* Anemia
* Pains
* Dry skin
* Anxiety
* Depression

All these and maybe more will be experienced by the patient, that is why it is essential to study chemotherapy and proper nutrition before, during and after treatment. By doing that you could help the patient recover faster and better.

Understanding about Chemotherapy and proper nutrition before, during and after treatment is necessary. You should ensure that the patient gets all the nutrients he needs before chemotherapy to prepare his body for the treatment. Because of its side effects and because of the harsh chemicals, the patient’s general health could greatly deteriorate during and after the treatment. His body could also be prone to infection as the white blood cell count could fall after treatment. It is also essential to keep the patient’s body well hydrated.

It is a known fact as we all might have observed that cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy could have difficulty eating during and after treatment because of the side effects of the harsh chemicals. Due to this reason, Isagenix was made to help chemotherapy patients get proper nutrients. Isagenix is a natural way to help maintain a chemo patient’s body healthy. Isagenix has more than 90 vitamins and minerals and by taking it, the patient’s body could receive all the nutrition it needs at the cellular level.

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