When You Are Looking to Improve, Fear is Not an Option

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When you are looking to improve yourself, fear is not an option. The thoughts of being fearful about something, especially beforehand, is one emotion that can drag you away from pending opportunities. To be fearful is to be responsible for the creation of uncertainty and limitations of what you can do. Keep in mind, we are not talking about being fearful of something that is a genuine or immediate threat, such as someone who is looking to commit an act of violence. We are speaking of your thoughts about trying to move forward in your life.

Suppose a job opportunity arises for you that means you will be doing something different then you are accustomed to, but it pays much more. Is your first thought one that might suggest to you that there is something too good to be true? What about an automatic mental suggestion that it probably does not offer the same security as what you have–or in some cases do not have? Do you think that it might put you in a higher tax bracket, so you would rather not? All of the “what ifs” are limiting your progress. We have used a very mundane example of a job, only because many of you are stressing about the economy and creating an energy of panic and lack.

The deeper part of this message is to get you to see that limitations are created everyplace; in jobs, relationships, housing, health, time management, and so forth. When you make an excuse not to do anything different because you do not know the result of ahead of time, you subsequently stay in a state of suspension; dangling away and wondering why nothing in your life changes. It is the unwarranted fear that is causing that! So, this is what we want you to do from this day forward. Anytime and opportunity is presented to you, challenge yourself to look at the greater aspects of it. Probably, for many of you, it will be easier to do if you do a little role playing and view it and your guidance as though you were talking to a friend. You will be amazed at how differently something can seem when the perspective is changed. Unless you have been ingrained with a naysayer attitude, you would want your friend to succeed. So why not yourself? Why not take a more serious look at that job or opportunity for a new relationship. Of course, in terms of relationship, we are speaking of those who are not genuinely happily attached to someone. Also try calming products to fall asleep.

In short, free your mind of anxiety and worries of the unknown. Pray for inner peace and harmony, but do so knowing your request is being heard. The Creator wants you to feel loved and uplifted at all times! Embrace that notion and give yourself some further acknowledgement by speaking kindly about who you are when any negative or fearful thought emerges. You did not get this far in life without being looked at by God and Spirit as being oh so worth it! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.