What effects does a whiplash injury have on a person?

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Whiplash injury is an injury that happens because of a sudden movement of the human head forward, backward or sideways. The bone structure and the soft tissues of the neck are damaged, and it causes a lot of pain for that person to suffer. Whiplash injury causes immense pain in the spine and neck of the person. It is not that easy to recover from the pain. In many cases, it takes as short as a few weeks or as long as a year to get a full recovery from the whiplash injuries. There are several symptoms through which one can easily make out that he is suffering from a whiplash injury.

Whiplash can happen to a person due to various reasons, the most common of them being a car accident or falling from a staircase where you hit your head very hard. It has to happen in a way that it forces your head to move backward. That uncommon posture puts a strain on the neck, and the pain that follows is immense. 

The impacts of whiplash injury

The first symptom is neck pain and stiffness. The person will not be able to move his neck quite often or look on either side of his without feeling immense pain in that area. Headache is one of the symptoms along with dizziness and a constant phase of fatigue along with that. People mostly feel that they have sore arms and shoulders; they pain a lot too. Many people feel tinnitus, that is a constant ringing in their ears after the injury. In cases where whiplash disorder comes, people get depression and anxiety if it is taking too long to get the recovery. They get very angry and frustrated as because of the constant irritation, they are not able to focus on their daily routine chores. 

That is the impact that a whiplash injury has on your lifestyle; you will not be able to enjoy your leisure time as you will be in pain most of the day. People, in most cases, are not able to concentrate properly because of all the symptoms and impacts that it has on a human body. They suffer a memory loss, and it is very easy to irritate them since they are not enjoying their lives to its fullest, they become very irritable as well. 

Whiplash usually gets better if the person is constantly following the rules and abiding by the treatment that includes:

  • Not letting the neck get stiff, keeping it mobile so that the blood circulation is not decreasing with time, rather it is normal
  • Taking pain killers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, however, if these do not help you can get stronger pain killers to get relief from the pain
  • The doctors all around the globe recommend physiotherapy and other exercises so that the neck has constant blood flow.

Normally, people do not get surgeries done to get rid of whiplash injuries.