Want to Avoid Penis Pain? Wear a Cup

Simply watching sports can reveal numerous moments when a man is thankful for a cup. That line drive off the bat that comes straight back into the pitcher’s crotch, that soccer kick that is badly placed and winds up putting someone on the ground, or even that painful dig during a football tackle that connects an elbow with a man’s delicate equipment – situations like this make any man cringe. Even with good penis care in the aftermath, there is little doubt the man who just took a hit in the junk is going to be hurting for a while!

The debate about the male cup

Many men know that a cup is a necessity when it comes to avoid penis pain while playing sports. But on the other hand, several guys have serious issues with the idea of wearing it. That’s because they often see the cup as limiting to their movement. The cup might shift, pinching the delicate skin it was supposed to protect. They might also think that the cup leads to more sweating down there, which of course later leads to more penis odor – something no guy wants to deal with.

And for many sports, a guy might be able to get away without wearing a cup. For instance, runners are very rarely the victim of a blow to the penis. The same is true for those who are into bowling, horse riding and the like. In short, anything that doesn’t involve bodily contact or flying implements is likely going to mean a man’s favorite organ stays healthy and untouched.

But men who are into sports with a great deal of contact or certain equipment definitely need a cup. These include football, baseball, rugby, soccer, hockey, tennis, racquetball and the like.

Choosing the right cup

The key to avoiding the problems of a cup is ensuring the right fit. Far too many men simply choose a cup that seems to fit okay and then go about their business. The result is penis pain, irritation, redness and a lot of soreness.

A guy should look for an athletic support that fits him properly, as well as a cup that is perfectly sized to cover the area it was intended to protect. Compression shorts with built-in cups are also an option. Sizing can be tricky, so a man might have to try a variety of cups before he finds the one that fits like a glove. Yes, it might cost a bit more to try out the cups, as most manufacturers don’t allow for return of cups once they have been opened; however, a guy will find that money is more than worth it when they avoid penis pain during that first hard blow against the cup!

Consequences of no cup

A man who doesn’t wear a cup and then suffers a serious blow to his manhood might face long-term damage. In addition to the pain – which is enough to make any man cringe – the bruising and tissue tearing that comes along with that kind of blow can eventually lead to a build-up of scar tissue. That scar tissue can then lead to serious problems, such as an unnatural curvature of the penis. Also known as Peyronie’s disease, this curvature can sometimes be so severe that it leads to pain during erections and puts a serious roadblock in a man’s sensual life.

To help ensure the penis is well-protected, a man should always wear a properly-fitted cup. He should also reach for a great penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) on a regular basis. Look for a crème that contains vitamin B5 for cell metabolism, vitamin C for healthy collagen and L-carnitine to fight against peripheral nerve damage. These ingredients, combined with the moisturizing duo of Shea butter and vitamin E, can help ensure the best penis care on or off the field.

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