Top 7 Most Popular Sports in Germany

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Sports is one of the many things Germany is known for. Either in terms of participation or spectatorship, the country has maintained a good sports record, one that is worth studying. 

It is common knowledge that football is widely played in all nations of the world. Germany’s presence is also seen in the limelight of football players that bring glory to the game. But the interest of Germans is not limited to football; it extends to other forms of sports too. Several sports clubs exist in the country and a greater percentage of them are represented by the German Olympic Sports Federation. is a reputable review company that provides reviews, opinions and experiences on several topics of interest, not excluding sports. So if you’re looking for companies that deal in sports, fitness and body care equipment and services, you should check their website. A typical example is this review of currentbody, an online body care company. 

  1. Golf 

Although golf was known earlier as the game for the elite, more people in Germany now play it, hence the increase in the number of golf courses available. 

The German golf Association ensures that the sport remains fair for each member of a golf club. It demands that the golfers obtain a Platzreife, a golfing license so that beginners in the game can acquire the basic skills, learn the rules and regulations that guide golfing in the country.

  1. Skiing 

This is one of the most popular sports in Germany. With over ten skiing resorts, many winter sports fans are attracted to the sport. 

The sport is mostly run between December and March and while there may not be many gigantic facilities all around the country for it, the snow mountains provide ample opportunity for it. You may want to find a list of all the ski resorts in Germany.

  1. Boxing 

A good number of the best boxers the world has seen come from Germany. This would include names such as Max Schmeling, Henry Maske, Steve Ottke, Marco Huck and Arthur Abraham. 

Boxing is one of the most-watched TV sports in the country, which makes it more of a spectatorship sport. A few bodies such as the German Boxing Association and German Team Boxing keep the sport organized.

  1. Basketball 

Basketball has been played in Germany for about 55 years and is organized by the Basketball Bundesliga, a member of the International Basketball Federation. The body has about 18 basketball teams and has won cups in the EuroLeague, Champions League and EuroCup.

  1. Tennis 

Germany records as many as five million active tennis players. That’s the extent of the popularity of tennis in Germany. Steffi Graf, Boris Becker and Angelique Kerber are a few of the leading names in the sport. The German Tennis Federation is reported to be the largest tennis body in the world with membership reaching up to 1.3 million.

  1. Ice Hockey 

Germany is visibly active in the International Ice Hockey Federation with the Deutsche Eishockey Liga coordinating the sports at the national team and Bundesliga. It is a popular spectator sport.

  1. Handball 

This is probably the second most popular sport in Germany, topping hockey and volleyball. The men’s national team have won the IHF Championship three times and have been named European Champions twice, with the most recent victory in 2016.

While soccer remains the number one most popular sport in Germany, one can still find handball, basketball, ice hockey, boxing and tennis interesting. These sports are what have made sports a strong element of the German culture.