Top 4 Asian diet plans you should follow to stay fit!

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Asians are considered quite healthy when it comes to their weight and physique. If we take a look at Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and even Thai people, they all seem fit and sound without having actual problems. Well, as a person living outside of Asia, you might sometimes wonder what diet plans they follow to keep them healthy and fit. Well, that is what we are precisely going to discuss in this article and see which ones would suit you the best. 

The best 4 Asian diet plans to consider for a healthy life!

Following are the Asian diet plans that you can go with and see what types of results you can expect from them.

  1. The Japanese Diet Plan

Japanese diet plans are not really popular only today, but they have been doing wonders for quite a lot of decades now. The best thing is, the Japanese diet includes a lot of nutritious foods that can help you maintain the energy you want, along with the chance to exterminate everything you don’t. The Japanese diet usually includes seafood, green tea, fermented foods, vegetables, and a lot of fruits. While you might not like the way the Japanese cook their food, you would certainly find every cuisine healthy. 

And did you know, Japan is one of the very few countries that have the most number of oldest people? Do you know why? Because they keep themselves healthy with what they consume.

  1. Thai Diet

Almost everyone knows that Thailand is popular for its soups. Thai soups are so popular all over the world that there are even Thai-themed restaurants in different countries that feature their soups and famous cuisines. Not only that, if you are looking for a weight loss diet, this can be a great pick due to the things included in the Thai diet.

The Thai diet mainly consists of soups of different types, salads, sauces, plain rice, and leaves-based vegetables.

  1. Chinese Diet 

Chinese are fans of fried vegetables, and they just include them in their every meal. The fried vegetables include capsicums, onions, tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli. Just make sure that you are not frying the vegetables with too much oil, or else there will be no benefit for your weight loss. 

You can also find some good and healthy Chinese cuisines that you can easily make in your home. It will allow you to get the taste you want and lose weight effectively.

  1. Desi Diet

Desi diet might not be the best fit if you are looking for the best possible weight loss diet. But if you are looking for something that could offer you a mesmerizing taste along with health benefits, then Desi cuisines would surely suit you the best. The Desi diet does not include any type of meat, and it is only based on vegetables and grains. 


These are the few Asian diet plans that you can definitely consider going with. Just do not push yourself too hard, be consistent with what you have chosen, and you will start seeing results later on.