The Day Of Spider Vein Treatment

When you look at your legs or knees and see blue or purple veins that look like webs, then you likely have spider veins. While they usually don’t hurt or cause any trouble, they can be unsightly to you and those who see your legs. Most of the time, people have spider vein removal Mobile AL offices offer so that their self-esteem improves. There is a process for the removal, but it usually takes less than an hour and is performed in an office setting instead of a hospital. Your doctor will likely ask about any circulatory issues that you have as well as any other health issues that could result in excess bleeding or clotting before the procedure is performed.

Normal activities can be resumed later in the day or the next day. There could be mild discomfort as well as bruising on your legs where the veins were removed. Bruising usually goes away in about a week. You can take a pain reliever when you get home to help with any discomfort that you have, but the discomfort that you experience shouldn’t last longer than a few days and shouldn’t be too severe.

Spider vein removal is done in a sterile environment and with sterile equipment. While multiple veins usually aren’t removed, it’s sometimes possible to remove two or three at one time depending on where they are located and their size. Try not to soak in water for the first week after the procedure. You might feel stretching in the area where the veins were removed as well as a bit of hardness, but these feelings tend to go away in a few days. The treated vein will slowly close on its own over the course of a few days to a few weeks until it goes away completely.