Whether it’s hiking or mountain climbing or trekking through woods, it’s very possible that you may find yourself wanting to indulge in a bit of cannabis over the weekend camping trip or whatever. Problem is, rolling joints can be pretty annoying depending on what it is you’re doing. With the wind and possibly rain, even just getting that joint lit with a lighter is a whole other hassle to tackle.

    Dry herb vaporizers really shine in these kind of rigorous environments due to how easy they are to use, and because they’re resistant to elements like wind. The PAX 3 might appear to be a bit too fancy for this sort of thing, but the truth is the twenty second warm up time is pretty awesome if you just want a quick couple buffs here and there as you ascend the mountain or something. It is sleek so make sure to keep it in a safe pocket the whole day.

    The Firefly2 also deserves to be considered in this context, because even though it’s tiny and quite easy to lose probably, it heats up even faster than the PAX 3. Firefly 2 is capable of warming up almost instantaneously, and it seems so easy to handle and use. It might seem like a lame little gadget to bring camping but it can be even more efficient for quick seshes than the PAX 3 even.

    Last but not least, the Vapium Summit Plus. Undeserving of any aesthetics based awards, this is quite easily the most rugged vaporizer I’ve ever seen, but with good reason. It’s quite big and clunky as far as ‘portable vaporizers’ go, but with good reason. This monster of a vape is actual water resistant to an extent, and according to reviews fares quite well in heavy rain, and even on the ski hills. Dry herb vaporizers are the best for when you want to escape and get some fresh air because they’re so much easier to prepare than joints.