Tea Wonders As Herbal Medicine

Health problems are one of the concerns that most of us incurred other than financial issue. The rise of different new threat in people’s health brings awareness in different ways on how to strengthen immune system. One of the new fads in being healthy is alternative medicines that health conscious people use. At the rate of intensifying health issues so as the herbal medicines popularity.

Herbal medicines are all natural that comes mostly from plants although today it was commonly known as supplements. The used of these herbal medicines have been dated back since ancient times. For health conscious person that doesn’t want the traditional doctors prescribed medicine, herbal medicine are great alternative in curing simple ailment to more serious ones like cancer.

Besides from less expensive, herbal medicines are known for not having side effects. One of the popular herbal medicines most of us drink is tea. People drink tea even emperor in the early period of time without knowing the full benefits one could get in drinking it. In early years, drinking tea in the afternoon have been customs in some countries for socializing purposes. Today, tea is highly regarded as an alternative medicine for metabolism and other serious ailment.

Tea’s benefits are handful for this small leaves. Like its benefits, tea variants are numerous and each is known in curing some ailment though all tea variants are beneficial and good for the health. Green tea and black tea are just among of tea variants and the most popular for tea drinkers. Drinking tea regularly is known to fight:

People who drink tea a couple of cups a day will likely to have smaller percentage of having any form of cancer thanks to EGCG found in green tea.

Anti Aging
If you worry too much of having wrinkles or any signs of aging, you should start drinking tea now.

Fight Allergies
If you have allergies and hate to take medications, drinking tea is a great help to block allergic reactions.

Also drinking tea is a great way to loss weight other than diet and exercise. So what is in the leaves of tea that cure some ailments? The answer is polyphenols found in tea. These polyphenos are consists of catechins. Only green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) found in catechin that best fight cancer cells.

The list of tea benefits keeps on adding as researchers do their jobs researching for tea’s full potential as herbal medicine. All tea variants have polyphenols and catechins that act as antioxidant that keeps our body cleanse and healthy.

Everyone should be aware and responsible when it comes to health. No one is safe unless you take good care of your body. By doing so, alternative medicines helps our body be protected from illness.

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