Surprising information about the Orlistat medication

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Orlistat is used for the low-fat diet and help the peoples to lose the weight. It will work by preventing some of the fat in the foods is eating which is absorbed in the intestine. This will remove the unabsorbed fat from your body. With the help of this article, you will know about the surprising information about the orlistat medication.

What are the ways to take the orlistat?

It has come in the form of a capsule. So you can easily take it by your mouth. The medication orlistat will be taken three times a day along with the main meal which will contain the fat. 

You can take this medication after 1 hour of your meal. If you are missed your meal you can skip the dose. 

You can follow the instruction are described in the product package carefully. If you have any doubt in any part you can contact your doctor. 

You can take the prescribed dosage and do not take less or more dosages of the medications. You can ask the doctor for a copy of the manufacturer’s information.

What are the special dietary instructions you can follow?

You must follow the diet plan which is given by your doctor. You can evenly divide the amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrate in your three meals. If you are taking the orlistat with diet in high fat you can experience some of the side effects,

If you are taking this medication you can avoid the food having more than 30% of fat. You can fill your plate with fruits, vegetables, and grains. You can replace the milk product with non-fat milk and low-fat dairy items,

You can cook with less fat vegetable oil. You must avoid salad dressings, baked items, and fast foods. You can use low-fat version foods for the best result. 

Before taking the orlistat you can take the multivitamin product before two hours. You can ask for the details to your details about the multivitamin products.

What is the corollary for taking the orlistat?

The corollary for taking the orlistat is given by,

Some of the side effects of taking the orlistat are oil spotting on the cloth, gas with oil spots, urgent need for bowel movement, loose stools, fatty stools, and increase bowel movement, difficulty in bowel movement, pain in the rectum, stomach pain, irregular menstrual cycle, anxiety, and headache.

Some of the other serious side effects are hives, rash, itching, trouble breathing, continuous stomach pain, excessive tiredness, nausea, committing, yellowing of the skin and eyes, dark-colored urine, and light-colored stools.

What is the disposal procedure of the orlistat medication?

You can keep this medication in a tight container and keep it away from the children and pets. You can store it at room temperature and keep away from the heat, light, and moisture.

You cannot flush this medication into the toilet. You can contact the medicine take-back program department in your area. You can always lock the medication container with the safety caps and place it in a safe location. You cannot store it in the bathroom and kitchen.

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