Specialty Medical Scales to Gauge Accurate Health Conditions

Medical scales, as the name indicate are mostly used in hospitals and medical clinics to gauge the health quotient of various medical patients. Well, there are also some that are designed even for other healthy patients to gauge factors like weight, body fat content etc. However, in this article you would get to know about only those specialty medical scales that are used in special cases.

Baby Scales:
Yes, you got it right. These medical scales are used to gauge the weight of babies, right from birth to their various growing stages. While some are used to track your baby’s growth by accurately measuring its weight and length, there are others that are digital varieties and come with an easy to read LCD display. All the baby scales are safe for babies and are user friendly. They should be durable and ought to give accurate measurements.

Digital Medical Scales:
These ones offer readings in digitized formats. They are easier to read, compared to analogue or mechanical scales. They come in a wide variety of size options, as per individual client requirements. Some of them are even equipped with large LCD screens with backlights for proper viewing at all times.

Mechanical Scales:
Mechanical medical scales are expensive and hence are used only in large hospitals and health care centers. They use dials, are durable and offer reliable reading. However, you would rarely find them these days due to the advent of digital scales.

Chair Scales:
The chair scales are specially built for patients with special health care problems and you can call it the most functional chair scales available today. Some of them also come with handles for easy mobility and high rate of user friendliness. One of its many variations is the wheelchair scale, which also accommodates the wheelchair along with the patient. They are ideal for all kinds of health care settings.

Body Fat Scale:
This is used even by healthy people who are looking forward to lose or gain weight. However, they are different from conventional weights that are used to gauge overall body weight. This variety of medical scales offers readings of the total body fat measurement to gauge the fat content in your body. This helps you in following the right diet and exercise to increase or decrease your fat content. Some of these scales can also tell you the required body fat that should be there as per your age, and height.

Apart from these there are also many other medical scales available in the market today.

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