Soulfuel launching ‘nutrition supplements’ backed by medical experts

A single scoop of Soulfuel protein powder ripes five key benefits at one time:

– It helps to strengthen the gut with a novel blend of postbiotic (Epicor) and prebiotic Inulin.

– It helps increase protein absorption and muscle strength with the help of added digestive enzymes.

– It helps boost immunity with a natural immunizer called 1,3/1,6 beta-glucan.

– It helps in weight management and

– It helps strengthen hair with sesbania extract giving biotin, and bamboo shoot extract.

Priyanka Lakdawala – The creator of Soulfuel is an ex-hedge fund manager who has spent over last ten years building the best medical weight loss practice in Asia.

To transcend nutritional supplements beyond fitness and add them into everyday life. Priyanka and the team of nutritionists and food technology experts created supplements backed by scientific research.

Soulfuel’s built upon a deeply personal and crucial mission – To reimagine nutrition for just about everyone.

“Through Soulfuel, we seek to help a working mother, fitness enthusiast, a recovering cancer patient, a post-bariatric surgery patient, an aging senior citizen, and millions of such everyday users live a better, more vibrant life. Enhancing the everyday life of Indians through the power of genuine nutritional supplements,” said Priyanka about the venture.