Sore Penis TLC – Clothing Choices for Pampering a Healing Manhood

Every guy turns up with a sore penis at least now and then. With any luck, the soreness is the result of a major score, and not because he’s come down with a rash or infection. But whether the cause is too much sex or a more complex penis health concern, a sore member is one that needs to be pampered. And proper clothing is an important part of that essential penis care.

The eternal question.

With a pained penis, the eternal question – boxer or briefs – takes on much greater significance. It also is a question that needs to be expanded: cotton boxers or knit boxers or boxer briefs or briefs or thongs or jocks or commando?

The answer to that question depends both upon the individual and on the manner in which his equipment is aching, as well as to his member’s specific degree of sensitivity. For the most part, that last-named underwear option – going commando, or without any under gear at all – is not advisable unless the man is a nudist. Otherwise, the idea of a raw penis rubbing against rough denim or wool or against slick synthetics is cringe-inducing (not to mention that the lack of an extra layer leaves a man open to embarrassing pre-seminal fluid stains).

Briefs are the underwear of choice for many men with sore members because of the support that they provide and the fact that they keep the penis in a relatively stable position. Some men believe that a jockstrap does an even better job of this, and the cotton mesh fabric also allows for a little fresh air, which can be a help with soreness.

Boxers are a good choice when the soreness of the member requires the ability to hang free, rather than be enclosed in a tight space such as that provided by briefs or jocks. Often, the real issue with the boxers is whether a light traditional cotton boxer is preferable to a knit boxer. The knit tends to offer a bit more weight and so may be less likely to irritate than the light brushings of a traditional boxer.

Material is really key.

Underwear made of 100% cotton will “breathe” better, which is usually helpful when the tool is sore. Some men, however, will find a touch of silk really pampers his penis in a way that can’t be beat; in these cases, a silken pouch may be the right alternative while a member is healing.

Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester or rayon, don’t breathe the way that cotton does, and while they have a slick feel, they do not actually soothe the skin as silk does. For these reasons, they should be avoided as underwear fabric choices; and, of course, rubber is out altogether.

Use gentle detergents.

It’s always a good idea to use gentle laundry detergents on underwear and pants, but this is especially true when waiting for a sore piece of equipment to get back in shape. Penis skin, being so thin, is especially susceptible to harsh chemicals.

Each case is different, but basically a man wants to pamper his sore penis with underwear that is soft and gentle, gives the right amount of support and is as free of chemicals as possible.

Clothing choices alone won’t accelerate the healing. Regular use of a top quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is crucial to both maintaining everyday penis health and to providing the pampering that a healing penis needs. Penis soreness can be significantly alleviated through the use of a cream that includes a natural emollient like Shea butter, which is known for its skin softening and dermatological healing effects. A cream that also include vitamin E, which forms a barrier against moisture evaporation, will provide even more soothing moisturizing effects.

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