Review of Novedex by Gaspari Nutrition – Realm of Natural Testosterone Boosters

Like most of you, I’m an extreme skeptic when it comes to muscle building supplements that claim to raise testosterone levels or grant you substantial muscle gains; especially if they’re ‘legal.’ Most people have had great experiences with some of the proven core-bodybuilding supplements such as protein powders, creatine, glutamine, and branched-chain amino acids. But anything beyond that seems like a waste of money. Having nearly 20 years of experience with the weights, I’ve tried most every type of supplement on the market yet at the end of the day, I’ve always reverted back to the old school muscle builders mentioned above. Of course a big part of this game is experimenting not only with lifting techniques, but also with different supplements. There’s no harm in trying something new that just hit the stands. Who knows…it may work for you. However, this can be an expensive hobby that can easily get out of control as there are so many products on the market with outlandish claims.

So I picked up a bottle of Novedex from Gaspari Nutrition. I had gone almost a month taking a break from most of the usually supplements I take (although I still continued with whey protein, glutamine, and something for pre workout energy; at 5 AM, I need a pick-me-up). But I abstained from taking any ‘hard core’ muscle builders. I did jump back on pure creatine monohydrate (Creaform from Primaforce) and noticed the expected muscle gains within the first couple of weeks. I then decided to try something new, which after reading many reviews and doing my own research on its ingredients, I chose Novedex.

Now, I’m extremely leery of anything that claims to raise your natural testosterone. And really, I don’t care. If we’re honest, we’re all just looking to be bigger and stronger. Well, testosterone is responsible for much of that. So it makes sense to take something that will increase it. I could go through the list of ingredients in its formula and I could repost the science behind it, but none of that really matters to us if the product doesn’t work, right? How many times have you read those 4-page advertisements for a supplement with an abundance of scientific research and studies only to spend $50-plus to find it did nothing for you? Well, let me just say, I’m impressed with Novedex.

The first week I didn’t notice anything. And since this is a natural testosterone booster that is sometimes labeled as a ‘PCT’ (post-cycle therapy), I didn’t really expect much from it. Not to mention it’s reasonably priced. What initially attracted me is its claim to lower estrogen, which in turn will increase testosterone. My goal was to maintain as much size and strength, but cut some body fat. I’m not a fan of fat burners as in my opinion, the only ones that worked are now off the market; the one’s that had ephedra in them. However, lowering estrogen levels can greatly help with losing body fat.

During the middle of week 2 is when I really started noticing some changes. What’s odd is I didn’t have a substantial increase in my bench press and shoulder press numbers, but I noticed some considerable jumps in weight in my back strength (deadlifts and barbell rows). Weeks 3 and 4 (there’s a 30-day supply) I didn’t notice any drastic changes but I felt better overall, I felt stronger, and my body fat continued to decrease. What stood out the most is that my muscles were harder and took on a slightly different shape. I don’t want to over-exaggerate my results; I’m not saying I’ve gotten steroid-like results. But I’ll admit that I’m overly pleased with Novedex and take it again in the near future.

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