3 Reasons Nurses Prefer Staffing Agencies- Alliance Medical & Home Care

Staffing agencies are companies that hire workers then assign them to company’s that need their services. In Nurse staffing agencies, qualified nurses are hired by nurse staffing agencies then pass on to their medical facility partners to fill in the staff shortages and vacancies they have. Here are some guide to ICU travel nurse jobs and reasons nurses prefer to work for staffing agencies to give you more ideas if you are planning to work under staffing agencies.

Better and Faster Pay

Since nurses under staffing agencies don’t get a fixed schedule they get paid every time they finish an assignment. For instance, per diem nurses, they can get paid after they finish a 12-hour shift. Plus they get paid higher hourly rates compared with regular nurses’ pay. That’s why most nurses prefer to work under staffing agencies since they are offered higher pay for their services and they don’t have to wait for the payday to get their compensation. 

Schedules are More Flexible 

For nurses who want to broaden their careers as well as have enough time for their families or hobbies, working under staffing agencies can be a good choice. Since they can set their own schedule, they can decline assignments that they think are not fit for their schedule. So they can have full control when they want to work and when they want to take a break. Plus they can ask for a longer vacation and still have an active career. They can come back to work when they think they are ready again. So most nurses plan their yearly schedule and choose months and days on when they want to work and plan their leisure activities without thinking about interfering with their work schedules. 

Good Job Opportunities

As a nurse working under an agency, you can have broader job opportunities. Since staffing agencies are connected with many medical facilities, you can request to be assigned to vacancies that can be convenient for you or that can match your target specialization if you don’t have one yet. In this way, you can be able to develop your skills and knowledge and use this expertise in your career in the future. Plus experience is relevant to nurses. More experience means getting higher pay or more job offers and opportunities. 

More Opportunity to Grow 

Working from one medical facility to another gives you the chance to mingle with different medical teams who have different knowledge. This can help you enhance your skill more plus develop being flexible to any working environment. You can also learn about different cultures and lifestyles in several areas of your assignment. As a nurse it is normal to be dealing with different patients and co-workers, your exposure can help you become more open-minded and easily adapt to a new working environment. 

Lesser Worries And Burnout 

One of the issues that arise when you are working as a nurse is getting burnout since shifts are too long and you have to follow a daily schedule that can leave you exhausted. Plus work politics is unavoidable when working as a regular nurse. These two issues are not common when working under a staffing agency since you can be assigned to medical facilities as short as 8-hour shifts or for 23 weeks as the longest. With this type of setup, you don’t have to deal with workplace politics and you can be able to take a rest if you feel tired from working. 

Work and Life Balance is Possible 

Regular workers have a fixed schedule and sometimes their one day or two days off in a week is not enough to do the things they want to accomplish. But working with a staffing agency gives you more freedom to have a work and life balance, since you are free to manage your own schedule then you can plan on your priorities and still keep your career on a good path. 


These are just a few of the reasons nurses prefer to work for staffing agencies and there are more. So talk to your staffing agency and let them discuss with you what you can get once you join their team. As a nurse working with a staffing agency can give you more time freedom and more opportunities for your career growth.