Men’s Health – Reclaim Your Self Confidence – How To Lose Your Man Boobs Now

The Internet is awesome. 10 years ago you would be waiting in a doctor’s office for an appointment to ask some embarrassing questions about your puffy nipples and enlarged breasts. Now you log onto the net and enter your topic in a search browser. Instantly answers are available.

Man boobs is the catch all phrase used to describe enlarged male breasts.

-All ages can experience symptoms.

-Different symptoms can be experienced at different ages.

-As one’s age advances, it is possible for man boob symptoms to occur for different reasons.

-Physical fitness is an important factor.

-The degree of physical fitness can complicate the symptoms.

-Genetics is an important factor.

-Diet is also an important factor.

-The medical term for man boobs via hormonal imbalance is gynecomastia.

-Another medical term for man boobs through weight issues is pseudogynecomastia.

-One can experience man boobs symptoms for both hormonal imbalance and weight issues simultaneously.

What strategies are available to address man boobs?


-Pharmaceutical Medication

-Natural Programs Utilizing Exercise And Diet.

-Natural Supplements.

I will try to discuss surgery and medication without displaying my natural bias.

The first strategy is ‘Surgery’, the quick fix for man boobs. If one wants immediate results, then surgery is the only strategy. Unfortunately surgery may not provide the solution one seeks.

Preliminary conferences and consultations are necessary.

The actual surgical procedure is completed. The excess breast tissue is cut out. The milk glands in the chest may be addressed. If there is excessive adipose in the chest area, liposuction may be used.

Postoperative conferences and consultations are necessary together with rehabilitation and possibly medication for postoperative scarring.

Pros: speed, can address both overweight and hormonal imbalance issues

Cons: cost is measured in thousands and rehab may extend for weeks or months;potential scarring; potential half solution meaning the symptoms are not fully removed; and why would one expose one’s body to the lethal risks of invasive surgery without first exploring more natural and safe strategies – sorry couldn’t help myself.

Secondly, the ‘Pharmaceutical Medication’ strategy involves creams, lotions and pills which do provide some relief from the symptoms but again why would someone expose their body to the risks of side effects, toxic reaction, recalls, substance addiction and medical misadventure?

Pros: relatively quick half solution for cosmetic symptoms

Cons: cost is ongoing and will be significant over time, just a partial solution, just a temporary solution, all the risks associated with pharmaceutical products. Only applicable for hormonal issues.

The third treatment strategy listed earlier is ‘Natural Programs Utilizing Exercise And Diet’. There are two prominent programs currently available which embrace this strategy.

Pros: very effective for weight issue man boobs, can be effective for hormonal issue man boobs, proper exercise and diet enhance the health of the whole body. Cost is minimal.

Cons: requires commitment and time.

The last strategy listed is ‘Natural Supplements’. Both weight loss and hormonal issues are addressed by the two most popular natural supplements. Accordingly, this strategy can be effective for both types of man boobs.

Pros: no diet and exercise commitment required, very effective for both types of man boobs. Cost is not excessive. Some collateral positive overall weight loss benefits.

Cons: no positive collateral fitness effect as with the exercise and diet strategy. Cost can be ongoing.

What should you do next? First you need to identify your symptoms. Then determine if your man boobs are the result of weight, hormonal or a combination of weight and hormonal issues. You may need to visit your doctor to confirm your hormonal balance suspicions. Then you need to decide which strategy is best for you. I personally strongly recommend that you avoid surgery or pharmaceutical products except in the case of life threatening emergencies. That being said, the choice then becomes:

-Natural Programs Utilizing Exercise And Diet

-Natural Supplements.

If you have the will power to follow through on one of the natural programs, then your body will thank you for your dedications. Not just by the elimination of your man boobs, but also the overall health of your body. If you are not currently up to the challenge of exercise and diet, then investigate the natural remedies which address not only weight loss but also hormonal issues. Whatever you decide, do what is best for you, but do something. You self image and your quality of life depend on you taking action.

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