Masturbation Control: Fighting the Urge

While most men like to think that they are master of their domain, the fact is that being able to control the urge for masturbation can be challenging for many. Of course, there’s usually no physical reason for needing to control the rate of masturbation; studies indicate that masturbation is even healthy for a guy. But most guys go through some period when they think they’d like to control the urge for a while – a few weeks, a few days – sometimes even a few hours. They may do so because they’re saving up semen for making a baby or because they’re raw and tender or because they need to spend more time on that big project for work. Whatever the reason, they may find it can be surprisingly hard to keep the hands out of the danger zone.

So for those guys who are planning a vacation from self-elation for a while, the following tips may come in handy (or non-handy, as the case may be).

– Avoid the porn. Okay, so this seems like a basic no-brainer. Staring at pictures of beautiful naked people engaging in sexual frenzies is hardly the best way to pull back the masturbation game. Dump any porn which is hanging around the house and avoid the temptation to just “take a quick peek” at any new videos that have been added to a favorite porn site.

– Know the triggers. Every person has different triggers. A guy should take a few moments to figure out his personal masturbation triggers before trying to control his self-fondling. Avoiding porn is a common one, but what others are unique to a specific man? Do certain fragrances cause an arousal? Does talking to a vivacious redhead at work make a guy feel like a quick session in the men’s room? Make a list – and take steps to keep the triggers at bay.

– Sleep later. A lot of guys wake up with morning wood and decide they’ve got just enough time to take matters in their own hand. To avoid this temptation, set the alarm clock for ten or twenty minutes later so that rushing is necessary to avoid being late.

– Take cold showers. Not only does this help to dampen the self-sex drive, but it encourages a guy to get out of the shower quickly, rather than luxuriating in it and finding time to masturbate.

– Keep busy. Often masturbation comes about due to boredom – so fill the week with plenty of activities. And this can have the added bonus of allowing a guy to spend time with old friends he hasn’t seen in a while or actually see all those great movies he never has time for.

– Get hobbied. If it’s hard to fill the time, take up a new hobby (or restart an old one).

– Have a lot of sex. If a dude is in a relationship (or several, as the case may be), he should take advantage of that fact during his masturbation vacation. The more sex he has, the less likely he is to want to self-satisfy. Of course, there are some men who find that they actually masturbate more when in a sexual relationship – so for those men, find an excuse to avoid going to bed with any partners for a while.

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