Looking for an immune system boost? Here are the ingredients you need

The world is opening up again, and suddenly we’re finding ourselves jumping back into our busy lives. Whether you’re up early for your morning commute, working hard at the gym or heading out to meet friends, you don’t want to miss out because you’re feeling under the weather.

It’s therefore important to look after our immune systems to give us the best chance to fight off anything that comes our way. But it can be hard to know what we should be looking for when it comes to supporting our immune health.

Irish company One Nutrition has a range of sustainably packaged, ethically sourced nutritional supplements, that make it easy to incorporate supporting your immunity into your day. Here are some of the key ingredients that feature in their ranges.


An important ingredient for immune health, zinc is found in certain foods, but taking it as a supplement is a great way to ensure you’re getting enough. One Nutrition Ashwagandha is a one-a-day capsule that contains KSM-66® Ashwagandha root extract, magnesium and zinc.

As well as immune support from zinc, it also contributes to the maintenance of normal cognitive function, the protection of cells from oxidative stress, and normal psychological function.

Vitamin D3

We all know that in Ireland we often don’t get enough vitamin D, as our bodies produce it in response to sunlight. What you may not know, however, is that vitamin D is important for our immune health, so not getting enough of it can make us more vulnerable to picking up illnesses.

One Nutrition D3+K2 spray is a tasty, highly absorbable spray which contains Vitamins D3 and K. Vitamins D3 also contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones, immune support and calcium absorption. The spray also makes it easy to give a precise dose: 6 sprays delivers 3000IU of Vitamin D and 100g of K2.

Vitamin C

Often the thing that people turn to when they’re feeling under the weather, vitamin C is a favourite immune system boost for many of us. One Nutrition Macu Complete is a supplement that contains vitamin C for immune health, while it also contains Omega 3 DHA which contributes to the maintenance of normal vision.

Vitamin B12

There are lots of B vitamins that are important for various functions in our bodies, but vitamin B12 is an important one for immune health. It’s mainly found in animal products, so it’s important for vegans in particular to take it as a supplement.

One Nutrition B12 Max is a handy spray that allows you to easily top up your daily vitamin B12 intake. As well as supporting immune health, it also contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, perfect for a busy lifestyle.


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