Cats are one of the most popular choices for domestic pets. They bring their humans laughter, love, cuddles and companionship. A cat lover can spend hours a day rolling a toy ball around, nuzzling and just generally bending over backwards to make their feline friends purr.

Cats, like most household animals, become members of the family that we could not imagine our lives without. They are with us in good times and in bad, so we naturally want to give them the best quality of life possible. Keeping a few basic considerations in mind when bringing a cat into your home will ensure that everyone is calm and content.

Medications and Inoculations

Anyone with cat experience knows that their furry companions have a tendency to become stressed under certain conditions and will do their best to avoid any unwanted interaction, regardless of the trespasser’s good intentions. This is especially true when they require care that they cannot provide for themselves. Fluffy might not want to think about it, but sometimes a part of staying healthy will involve the poking and prodding which takes place during regular trips to the veterinarian’s office.

Luckily, you can save yourself and your cat some of the stress of routine medical care by administering certain non-urgent medications at home. Not only can you give flea preventatives and heartworm treatments without the hassle of wrestling your furkid into a carrier, but you can also provide potentially life-saving vaccinations in the comfort of your companion’s safe place. While this may seem an unfamiliar concept, with just a little digging you will most likely find that a merchant such as Vet Products Direct sells cat vaccines online. The benefits of administering injections at home will, of course, depend upon the recipient’s personality; however, if a needle is inevitable, then it will be less frightening to Fluffy if the procedure is completed in a soothing and familiar environment when possible.


A cat playing with a wad of tinfoil is entertaining to watch and good for kitty’s health. Keeping those paws swatting, running and snatching will prevent boredom and unhealthy weight gain, and there are undeniable bonding moments that come with spending quality time with your favorite feline. Furthermore, fun interactions with your cat can be good for your mental health as well. Who wouldn’t laugh at the sight of Fluffy flipping and flopping to catch the beam from a laser pointer? Any kind of activity that will require your cat to use her problem-solving skills will also enhance her brain health (like a Sudoku puzzle for pets). Take any opportunity available to play and notice how good you both feel!

Provide a Private Haven

Although Fluffy may at times crave and seek out attention from you, in true cat fashion he is also in need of quiet time alone. This may occur whenever the mood strikes, which could mean that you will find a sleepy cat curled up on top of your freshly folded laundry or even napping among the canned goods in your pantry. Even though housecats are known to be relatively savvy when it comes to knowing where they should and should not go, it may be wise to offer a space dedicated to your cat’s comfort. Consider placing a small tent or play tunnel as an alternative to potentially dangerous hiding places such as the inside of the clothes dryer or the crawlspace in your cellar.

If the preferred spot appears to be atop a kitchen cabinet or the highest shelf in your study, a cat tree may be a good choice. They can not only satisfy the natural inclination to climb, but they also tend to be constructed of materials that cats enjoy scratching and kneading with their claws (a solution for the prevention of claw marks on your furniture as well).

Keep your cat content, healthy and happy by providing proper care at home.