Inspecting Medical Facilities Before Making Appointments

When your doctor has ordered you to undergo extensive body scans, you might initially be nervous about what these procedures entail. You want to know what will happen to you during the tests and what to expect afterward while you await the results.

Many of your worries could be put to rest by doing some preliminary research before you actually make an appointment at the medical facility. By reading up on x-rays, MRIs, and other types of radiology Edison, NJ patients like you may know what to expect and take a proactive stance in your own healthcare.

Virtual Views of the Machines

A significant portion of your fear may stem from not knowing what the actual scan machines look like. You may never have been in one of these fixtures before and may think that you will be enclosed or locked up in it.

The website shows you what the machines look like so you can be at ease when you show up for your appointment. You can realize that you will not be locked up in it and that the bed will slide in and out of the machine easily. Knowing this could make you less fearful of your upcoming scan.

Patient Portal Options

Another reason to visit the website involves setting up and managing your own patient portal. You may want to be the one in charge of your appointment times rather than a secretary or receptionist at the practice. You know your schedule better than anyone and know what days on which you can be seen for this type of appointment.

The patient portal option can be found at the top of the page, allowing you to update your information like your name and phone number. You can input details like your insurance information and billing address. You can also change appointment times as needed using this portal.

Researching medical procedures like MRIs and scans can go a long way in putting your mind at ease. You can get the information you need prior to scheduling appointments or managing your patient portal by visiting the website today.