Man does not exist in a vacuum. Your environment influences your choices. It is one thing to decide on eating healthy, and it is another for your environment to test that resolve. The kind of company we keep, the places we visit, and the availability of food all play a role in our eating habits. You can peruse reviews of diet companies on Britain Reviews to get a feel of the establishments that offer a healthy diet. 

In this article, we will look at the role that the environment plays in shaping our dietary choices. 

 1. Where you visit

The places you visit or spend the most time in can influence your eating habits. Here are some places that affect our dietary choices. 

i. Office and Schools 

As an average adult, you spend a chunk of the day in schools or workplaces. In most 9-5 jobs, a lunch break is sacrosanct. As you are not in the comfort of your home and without the right foods at hand for a healthy diet, you would patronize the cafeteria. The food there, of course, will be lacking in key vitamins and minerals

ii. Grocery Store

Marketers craft strategies at grocery stores to make you spend money. From the door, the smell of freshly-packaged baked food assails your nostrils. It is also impossible to avoid food on the shelves when they rank at eye level. The foods on sale there are sugar traps. Because we get the necessities at groceries, every visit is an invitation to an unhealthy diet. 

 2. Home

While the home might seem like a place to enjoy the healthiest meals, it is not always so. The fridge in your house is a miniature grocery store. And the way we stack arrangements makes it even harder to eat healthily. It is a great challenge to neglect the snacks at such easy reach. Think of your fridge as a Trojan Horse

 3. Who You Hang Out With

As the saying goes: show me your friends, and I’ll tell you what you eat. If you are not a caveman, then you will always get invited to picnics. Unless you are part of the organizing committee, you will have no say in what gets served. Close your eyes for a second and think of the dishes in such gatherings. Would your dietician (if you have one) frown at them? Probably. 

 4. Where You Are From

Cultural heritage has a strong influence on what we eat. It is difficult to shake off these influences because they are deeply rooted. If you live in societies where fries are the best thing since sliced bread, then you’ll probably have a hard time avoiding a cholesterol-based diet. 


Again, man does not exist in a vacuum. You can’t wave off these influences with a magic wand. Armed with the knowledge that you live in a dietary booby trap, it is easier to make smarter decisions. You can start by making snacks less accessible in your fridge or packing a healthier lunch from home.