Here are such different spheres! What is the difference between liposphere therapy and endosphere therapy?


Today, the hardware cosmetology market is full of a great variety of techniques and procedures for literally everything and for everything. Due to its effectiveness, methods based on the word “sphere” have recently become very popular: endosphere therapy, liposphere therapy, stratosphere.

Endosphere therapy is performed using the Endosphere device, which is based on the principle of compression micro-vibration. Massage is carried out only in oil without a suit. Of course, this technique is effective, but the percentage of hygiene of this procedure depends only on the specific salon and the master. This technique has been available on the international market of hardware cosmetology since 2007. The brand under which the equipment performing endosphere therapy is produced is already quite well known all over the world. And many domestic cosmetology clinics would like to be able to include this procedure in their price list. But the biting price of equipment postpones this moment since the payback in small cities stretches for many years.

Liposphere therapy is considered an innovative technique that fights fat deposits and cellulite. With the help of a combination of roller massage with a laser effect of 1064 nm, we get an innovative development. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that during the procedure, fat cells are not destroyed. They simply decrease in size, due to a decrease in the permeability of the membrane through which metabolic products, in particular triglycerides, are excreted.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these techniques.

Endospheres Therapy AK 55

The technique is aimed at getting rid of cellulite and starting metabolic processes. The endosphere tightens the skin and stimulates blood circulation. For the most part, it is recommended for people who are actively engaged in sports, since procedures using Endosphere AK 55 devices relieve pain and muscle spasms.The endosphere works on the principle of compression and is an effective analog of manual massage.


  • it is used both in hardware cosmetology and in medicine
  • it can be used by the population of all ages, with the exception of pregnant women


  • cost
  • non-hygiene of the procedure

Liposphere Therapy

The equipment on which the procedure is performed is called ROLSONE laser sphere (ROLSON лазер сфера). This technique has become a real breakthrough in hardware cosmetology, in the field of combating cellulite and fat deposits. It consists in using a roller massage with the use of a laser wave of 1064 nm. Unlike most procedures, which require a whole course in order for the results to become visible, liposphere therapy allows you to see the result after the first procedure. Liposphere therapy is based on three principles – complexity, effectiveness, and safety.

The technique has been on the market of hardware cosmetology since the end of the last century, and today it already has a lot of positive reviews around the world. During the procedure, several biological processes are started, two of which are lipolysis and lymphatic drainage. Liposphere therapy is part of several areas of medicine at once. This includes hardware cosmetology, phlebolymphology, and sports medicine. In addition, she has a relatively small list of contraindications, which mainly includes serious diseases that are present in the list of contraindications to any of the currently existing cosmetic procedures.


  • a comprehensive solution to aesthetic problems
  • a small list of contraindications
  • when working on a suit, you can not take a shower
  • copes with even the most neglected causes of cellulite


  • there are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist


The procedure has common roots with endosphere therapy because it is carried out on the principle of compression micro-vibration. The main operating mechanism in the device is considered to be 2 cylinders with silicone and metal spheres. The patient can wear a suit before starting the procedure, or give preference to the use of cosmetic oil.When working on the suit, we get even the finest peeling, and due to the use of oil, the closest contact with the skin occurs.


  • when working on a suit, you can not take a shower
  • the procedure is confirmed by the research of the DERM SCAN lab
  • low cost of the procedure

For those who choose European quality and innovation, it is worth paying attention to LIPOSPHERE THERAPY. For those who are chasing the brand and recognition of the ENDOSPHERE THERAPY procedure. The procedures carried out on the STRATOSPHERE are not inferior in quality and efficiency to the endosphere. The only drawback is not the global popularization of the brand and thus not a wide representation on the Russian market of beauty salons.