It bears repeating – Thirty to forty percent of all food is wasted.

I was a guest on the Nutrition Diva Podcast where we chatted about food waste and how we can all take a look at our current shopping, cooking and food waste habits and consider small changes.

Food waste is responsible for about 6-8% of all greenhouse gas emission. Even though there are numerous points across the supply chain that lead to food waste, you and I can do our part. Imagine if every household wasted just a pound less of food each day? That adds up when it comes to what’s in your municipal landfill!

3 Quick Zero Waste Cooking Tips

  1. Buy less. Only put foods into your grocery cart that you have a plan for.
  2. Store it right. Learn more about storing fresh produce, best by dates, and utilize your freezer to preserve food.
  3. Use it all. Find new recipes. Use leftovers in creative ways. Cook from the pantry and freezer.

What Else Can You Do?

Food waste isn’t just bad for the planet. Over 10 percent of Americans are food insecure, and handling food differently could have a positive impact. There are a few simple steps you can take.

  • Reduce food waste in your kitchen. Check out my new book to learn how.
  • Encourage others to waste less food.
  • Donate to Feeding America® or your local food bank.