Dry Penis Skin – Causes, Symptoms and When to Get Help

Dry penis skin is a very common issue, as a quick look at any men’s health forum will show. Dry, flaking skin on the penis is uncomfortable and unattractive. It can also lead to more serious problems, and in some cases, medical attention is required to treat it. The following information on dry penis skin can help men improve the look and feel of the penis using all-natural skin care products containing penis-specific vitamins and minerals. For chronic or worsening penis skin conditions, a men’s health specialist should be consulted.


Dryness of the penis is easily detectible and may include the following symptoms:

• Flaking or peeling skin;

• Itching or burning, especially during masturbation or sex;

• Redness and soreness;

• A dry, shriveled appearance;

• Small lacerations or cuts that continually reopen;

• Foul odor caused by the presence of bacteria which penetrate dry skin;

• Increased risk of infection;

• Diminished penis sensitivity;

• A calloused-like layer of skin.


A wide range of issues can cause dry penis skin. Several of the most common are listed here:

• Contact dermatitis – Certain detergents, as well as plants such as poison ivy or poison oak, can irritate the skin, causing drying, flaking, itching and irritation;

• Jock itch – This unpleasant condition is caused by the same fungus that is responsible for athlete’s foot and ringworm. These can cause dryness and extreme itching in the genital area.

• Psoriasis – This skin condition, which can affect the entire body, causes dryness, itching and patches of unsightly, peeling skin.

• Sun/windburn – Yes, it is possible to get a sunburn down there. Not all clothing protects against harmful UV rays, and a day spent on the beach can lead to sunburn on the penis. Cold, dry weather or exposure to wind can also leech moisture from the skin.

• Allergic reactions – Allergies to substances such as latex can lead to drying, irritation and inflammation.

• Sensitivity to partner – Contact with the body fluids of a partner whose body pH is substantially different can cause dryness, flaking and soreness of the penis skin.

• Cancer – Dry patches that recur or do not heal, or constantly split and form lacerations, could be an indication of skin cancer and should be treated by a doctor.

How to smooth and calm dry penis skin

The answer to dry penis skin is to moisturize on a regular basis. Penis moisturizers containing shea butter and vitamin E penetrate to the inner layers of skin and create a natural moisture barrier, protecting against dryness. Hydrating formulas containing penis-specific vitamins, minerals and other nutrients have multiple benefits:

• Soothe and calm dry skin;

• Protect against further drying and flaking;

• Create a supple, youthful appearance;

• Restore natural elasticity of the skin;

• Combat odor-causing bacteria;

• Maintain the integrity of the skin and protect against bacterial and fungal infections;

• Boost the body’s natural healing ability;

• Promote sensitivity of the penis skin.

Where to find moisturizers designed just for men

Regular moisturizers found in most pharmacies generally do not contain all of the ingredients needed for healthy penis skin. They may also contain fragrances and other chemical additives that actually increase dryness and peeling of the skin. Instead, using a specialized penis health formula created using male-specific vitamins and minerals (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is advised for improving the tone and texture of the penis skin without promoting further irritation.

A regular self-examination of the penis skin is recommended for men of all ages. Patches of dry skin that do not heal with treatment, or that become sore and develop cracks or fissures, should be seen by a medical doctor or dermatologist, as a skin biopsy may be necessary to rule out cancer.

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