Dr. Ann Shippy is a powerhouse on a really essential mission to support individuals throughout the globe live their healthiest lives making use of slicing-edge science, definitely unique analysis, and genetic details to address the root causes of sickness. She still left engineering to show up at the University of Texas clinical faculty and is now board-licensed in interior drugs and a licensed useful medicine health practitioner with a observe in Austin, Texas. If you live there, I can’t advise her remarkably more than enough.
Although there are so a lot of matters I would adore to communicate to Dr. Ann about, these days we’re concentrating on her personalized tale that bought her into medicine in the very first spot. Ann recognized a major decline in health and fitness regardless of a healthier life style, and after significantly trial and tribulation traced it again to mould in her property. Now that she’s greater, we go seriously deep into her difficult-won know-how on mold exposure, mycotoxins, and what you can do if you suspect mould challenges in your residence.
Episode Highlights With Ann Shippy

How Ann found out mold sickness was crippling her health and fitness
Which mildew tests get the job done, which assessments never, and how to interpret the success
The kinds of mold (stachybotrys, chaetomium, wallemia, ochratoxin, penicillium, etc.) and why they’re not all the exact
Sources of mycotoxins, what they are, and how they can injury DNA
The variance in between mildew and mildew
How to pick out a superior mould inspector
Why a musty smell isn’t the only indicator of mold
Unique precautions to get around young children or the aged
Suspect locations in your household or lodge the place mildew could be growing
Ann’s choose on fasting, sweating, dietary supplements, and other normal strategies to help the body’s normal detoxing
And more!

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