Donation and its advantages

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The donation process is the main goodness experience of the future. The great mission of every donor is to give new life or happy emotions and even to save someone’s life. With ADONIS’ own proven donor base, the experience of donation goes to a whole new level. The level of total control, confidence and qualified infertility treatment. 

ADONIS egg and sperm donation is fully legalized in Ukraine and settled under the corresponding conditions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Ukraine donor system advantages

Donation is a really noble cause in the whole world. We in ADONIS Ukraine provide the best opportunities for our egg or sperm donors – full anonymity, the best terms, serious health examinations to be included – we really care about everyone to ensure worldwide service both for clients and people who want to donate. 

Several stages of examination to provide the best genetic material for you: 

  • screening for infections (including HIV, hepatitis, syphilis and gonorrhea), diseases (including hereditary and genetic ones) and abnormalities 

  • check if the donor has his own children (at least one), which was born healthy and strong

  • semen and egg analysis (depends on the infertility case in family)

  • check for perfect physical and mental state of the donor 

ADONIS list of examination is really wide thanks to our own facilities (ADONIS’ own embryo laboratory, ADONIS’ own cryobase, ADONIS’ own donor base), certificated latest equipment and highly qualified staff of doctors which have worked with different cases and ready to overcome the variety of problems.

ADONIS’ own Legal Department will support you for the duration of the whole medical process to ensure your safety and control under documentation, agreements, bills and registrations. 

UK egg donation, for example, implies the donation only for altruistic reasons, so it is illegal to pay the donor anything other than expenses. 

Ukraine’s donor system includes a  compensation reward for the noble work of the donor. There is not even evidence to clarify the great differentiation between the egg donation UK prices and Ukrainian ones. All of these tiniest aspects will be clarified by ADONIS advocates and consultants. The total comfort for you is ensured when you are with ADONIS Clinics. 

We really appreciate the great contribution of every donor, that’s why some ADONIS Programs include the total compensation for them in the total price (for more detailed information, please, contact our consultants or visit our website).

Full rights to a child 

Any doubts or fears are unfounded, because the intended parents have the full rights to a child from the very beginning of the treatment process. Your donor has no legal right or responsibilities to the child born with the help of his/her sperm, eggs or embryos. So it follows:

  • no legal obligation to any children conceived from the donation

  • no names or information about the donor in the birth certificate 

  • no rights to suggest the child’s upbringing process 

  • no financial support of the child

Advantages from the egg and sperm donation are numerous, that’s why the ADONIS’ own donor base and further infertility treatment is the right choice for beautiful changes. We are waiting for you!