Cat and Kitten Fostering

Cat or kitten fostering is an enriching experience for you and apparently, the kitten involved. Fostering is giving these poor animals a home, albeit temporary. There are multiple benefits in doing this.

For the kitten, the most apparent benefit is living in a home and not a cage at some rescue center. The kitten learns how to interact with humans which will increase their chances of being adopted. Not many people want to take a kitten that cowers in the corner of its cage when a human approach. If you have pets of your own, the kitten learns how to interact with them as well.  Read more about Maltese in Malaysia.

Imagine someone looking to adopt a kitten, but they already have a dog at home. If your foster home had a dog, this kitten has a better chance of being taken by this fictitious person since they will be reassured that this kitten will get along fine with their dog back home.

The benefit for yourself is, well, playing with kittens. Well, that is just a side effect, but it can be fun nonetheless. You are doing a charitable service by fostering a kitten or a puppy for that matter.

Donations to rescue center as always appreciated but I bet if you spoke with one and asked what they needed the most I would not be surprised if the responded foster homes. You usually see this more in the spring when most kittens are born. You can even consider fostering a pregnant cat or one that recently gave birth I’m sure you could imagine raising your newborns in the comfort of your home is preferable that in a cage at a rescue center. Also consider that a house would be a healthier environment than a rescue center which could have an issue with colds, viruses and even diseases.

Even the best run rescue centers have these issues. It’s just the nature of the rescue center, similar to human hospitals.

We one had the chance to foster a few day old kittens whose mom had died in the birth. Sad as it was, we were able to bottle feed these little angels, watch them grown up healthy and find new homes. However, fair warning, that was much work as then need to be fed VERY often.

The negatives, well there are some, but the positives outweigh them. One is costs; you incur some costs such as the cat food, litter boxes, cages to keep them from wandering around at night, and other miscellaneous cat supplies. However, most of these are a one-time investment, and you could consider this as a charitable donation instead of a donation to a rescue center (by all means do that as well if you can afford it). Though most adoptions should have a small ‘fee’ involved to help offset some of your costs. The fee is not about making a profit but using that money to help other cats

The other ‘negative’ is when they leave.

You do get attached and might want to keep them for yourself. However, realize that if you re-home them, then there is now an additional space in your house to foster another. Plus it would help if you insisted on being involved with the screening of potential adopters. Set up guidelines to follow, they are guidelines not absolute rules so use your best judgment.

Other things to note are the nutrients found in cat food, dog food malaysia has a very high nutrient content, this must be fulfilled as a metabolic formation of our pets, this can also be given to all types of cats including bengal cat food.

Ours were the following:

* No adoptions to give to someone as a gift – you want to be sure the person that is adopting the kitten wants it. As a surprise gift, you can’t be sure.

* No adoptions to someone who refuses to pay adoption fee – This is not about being greedy but let’s be honest, if you can’t afford a reasonable ‘fee’ then can afford to take care of a pet in a proper way? the way I see it is if you don’t pay 100 dollars for the kitten you certainly won’t pay for vet bills if the cat gets sick and needs medical most important, pay to get the kitten spayed/neutered.

* No adoptions to anyone that does not agree to spay/neuter the kitten. No exceptions.

In summary, when thinking of actions you can do to help the creature of this world, I would strongly suggest you consider fostering kittens. It is an enriching experience and an excellent service.