Best vitamin D supplements UK to boost your immune system



Didn’t your parents always tell you when you were young to go outside in the sun and soak up some all-important vitamin D? Well, it turns out they might have a point.

Research by the British Nutrition Foundation suggests that across the UK, approximately one in five people have low vitamin D levels. And this has only been worsened by Covid, as people have tended to stay indoors more over the past year.

But why is vitamin D so important? And should we all be supplementing it?

Vitamin D is needed to help regulate the amount of phosphate and calcium in the body in order to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy, as well as maintaining your immune system. Lack of it can lead to bone deformities such as rickets in children or bone pain due to osteomalacia in adults.

The two most important forms of vitamin D for humans are D2 and D3. Vitamin D2 is made by plants, while D3 (the more important one) is made by the skin when exposed to sunlight.

According to the NHS, from about April to September, most people should be able to get all the vitamin D they need from sunlight. But that doesn’t help for the remaining dark and gloomy half of the year.

Although vitamin D can be found in a small number of foods – including oily fish, red meat and eggs – it is difficult to get sufficient quantities from food alone which is why it is recommended that, for anyone over the age of one, 10 micrograms a day should be supplemented – up to a maximum of 100 micrograms for adults.

Shop the best vitamin D supplements below.

BetterYou D3000 Vitamin D Daily Oral Spray

BetterYou is a product that appears time and time again in health shops, and for good reason.

Their pill-free daily oral spray is extremely easy to use and can by shoved in a bag and taken on the go, without the need for water to wash it down. Its liquid formula is a great option for those who struggle to swallow pills and its subtle minty taste means no bitter flavour is left behind in your mouth. The sprays come in a variety of potencies and include ones specially formulated for vegans, juniors and infants.

If all that wasn’t enough, half of BetterYou’s product range now uses plastic for their packaging that has been collected from the Jakarta and Java Seas – a win on all fronts.



£5.59 | Amazon

Nature’s Way Alive! Vitamin D3 Gummies

If you find it a struggle to get your children to eat anything healthy, let alone vitamins, these Alive! vitamin D gummies will be your new best friend.

The bright purple easy-to-chew tablet with a berry citrus flavour means there’s no nasty “medicinal” taste and so makes ensuring children are getting all they goodness they need without a fuss.

Not only that, but these vitamins are stuffed full of 26 fruits and veggies, including cherry and cauliflower, and they are also vegetarian friendly – a double win!

For adults, Nature’s Way also offer high strength vitamin D capsules, which are available in various strengths and flavours.

 (Nature’s Way)

(Nature’s Way)

£14.99 | Holland & Barrett

Nourished 3D Printed Vitamins

Want to avoid the faff of having to take multiple vitamins for every aspect of your health? Opt for Nourished. Their 3D-printed vitamins are vegan-friendly and designed by you, to your specification, so you can be sure to get all the nutrients you need.

Whether you’re looking to have more energy, be more focused or get better heart health, build your own custom seven-ingredient stack from 28 nourishments (including ashwagandha, lycopene and vita-algae D3) or take Nourished’s quiz to determine exactly the right combination to help optimise your lifestyle.

You can sign up for just a one-off box of vitamins or they offer a fab subscription service where you can get the box sent directly to your door, so you’ll never need to worry about running out.

As far as vitamins go, they are also the tastiest ones on the market by a long shot. What’s not to love?



From £39.99 | Get Nourished

Voost Vitamin D 25ug

Struggle to swallow pills? Voost takes all the stress out of getting a nutritional boost with their effervescent tablets – just add water.

The low sugar dissolvable pills offer your daily dose of vitamin D and come in a tasty berry flavour – it’s almost like drinking a soft drink. Voost has a range of different vitamins in 10, 20 and 40-tablet packs, the smaller of which is perfect for taking on the go.

Still not convinced? Research suggests that unlike conventional pills that sometimes only partially dissolve and so can lead to irritation, effervescent tablets dissolve completely so you can be sure you’ll get the maximum benefit.



£3 | Boots

Botanycl Vegan Vitamin D3

For those who are looking for the most natural supplement possible, opt for Botanycl. Their plant-based botanical range, which is manufactured in the UK, extends to three products: the skincare elixir, vitamin C and vitamin D3.

Their vegan vitamin D3 comes from lichen, which is the only known plant-based source of vitamin D3 as many others derive from sheep’s wool, and is in a base of high-oleic sunflower oil and coconut oil to allow for superior absorption.

The four-month supply of capsules come in a glass bottle, eliminating plastic waste and meaning the pot is recyclable so you can feel good about the environment while doing good to yourself.



£24.95 for a four-month supply | Amazon

Myvitamins Vitamin D3 Spray

Sports nutrition specialists Myprotein offer a whole range of vitamin D supplements under their sister brand Myvitamins, with products that are uniquely tailored to give an extra boost to active people.

As well as the standard vitamin D3 softgel capsules (in both vegan and regular formulas) and spray, they also have a vitamin D3 and K2 supplement which helps support the immune system and bone health.

For serious sportspeople, the vitamin D3 elite supplement has been tested by Informed-Sport in line with the World Anti-Doping Agency guidelines and declared safe for professional athletes of all levels.

Lastly, their vegetarian curcumin and vitamin D capsules contain all the benefits of vitamin D, along with curcumin – the active ingredient in turmeric which is known for its anti-inflammatory nature – making it perfect for anyone wishing to prevent injuries through sports training.



£8.99 | My Vitamins

Solgar Vitamin D3

Solgar is a great, high-quality product that does exactly what it says on the tin. With 13 vitamin D products alone and a variety of different strengths, formulas and sizes, there’s something for everyone.

For those that need a little extra boost, their “introduction” dose starts at 10 micrograms and is the perfect pick-me-up. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a full-on sunshine soaking, opt for the 100 micrograms.

The range includes softgel, chewable and regular tablets, vegetable capsules, as well as a natural orange flavour liquid supplement, so you’re guaranteed to find one that works for you, however you like to take it. All of the above, except the softgels, are also suitable for vegetarians.



£15.19 | Amazon

Cytoplan Vitamin D3 & K2

Cytoplan offers fantastic wholefood, organic and vegan supplements that are both ethically and sustainably sourced. It is worth considering that they are charity-owned, meaning ethical decisions over profit are at the heart of the company, and also every product bought contributes to social change, all of which garners them serious plus points.

Their vegan vitamin D3 pills also contain K2, as the vitamins work synergistically so taking both helps to ensure optimum biological activity. Or, if tablets aren’t for you, they also do vegan vitamin D3 drops, as well as supplements tailored to juniors.

With Cytoplan, feeling good and doing good has never been so simple.



£20.40 | Cytoplan

Vitabiotics Vitamin D

Chances are you’ve already heard of Britain’s number one vitamin company, so I’ll save the introduction.

All you need to know is that their British Pharmacopoeia-quality (that’s the quality standards for UK medicinal products, to you and me) vitamin D tablets are free from artificial preservatives, colours, yeast and lactose and are also suitable for vegetarians.

Their tablets are very small and so easy to for even those that struggle to swallow, and they come in a variety of different strengths, from everyday to maximum. However, if tablets really aren’t an option for you, they also do vitamin D gummies, drops for babies and jellies for children.



£5.49 | Holland & Barrett


For their fret-free application and ease of portability, BetterYou’s daily oral vitamin D spray ticks all of the boxes when it comes to simple supplementing. The large range of strengths, as well as both adult and children formulas, also means there is something suitable for everyone.