Best protein shaker 2022: Fuel your workouts

What is the best protein shaker on the market? And would getting one actually help you to improve your nutrition regimen? Definitely. At a glance, most shaker bottles may seem fairly similar. But ask any seasoned gym-goer and they will tell you that protein shakers are more than just plastic storage containers. Designed to fuel your workouts on-the-go, they’re the perfect way to mix up a quick dose of protein at any time and in any place.

A quality protein shaker will also have you looking forward to taking your supplements, whereas a bad one will test the limits of your patience every time your shake spills over your gym bag. That’s why Live Science personally tested the best protein shakers to help you decide which ones are worth investing in. We carefully looked into their durability, functionality and additional perks to come up with a final verdict. 

What the experts say

“The general rule of thumb is that you need 1-1.5g of protein per kilo of body weight,” says Daniel Herman, nutritionist and founder of Bio-Synergy. “So a 70kg adult would need a daily intake of up to 90g which is the equivalent of four salmon steaks or over 500g of tofu! A good quality protein shake can provide a delicious way to hit your protein requirements.”