Best meal replacement shakes 2022: Quick and easy nutrition on the move

Super quick and easy to prepare, the best meal replacement shakes can provide you with the nutrients your body needs, without sacrificing taste or draining your wallet. 

At a glance, these products tend to resemble the best protein powder – all you need is a bit of water and the best protein shaker to prepare them in a matter of seconds. But that’s where the similarities end. Protein shakes are considered to be dietary supplements, created to help you top up your protein intake, whereas meal replacements are designed to substitute your meals entirely, containing an array of different nutrients and functional ingredients. 

What the experts say:

Daniel Herman, certified personal trainer and founder of Bio-Synergy (opens in new tab), says: “In an ideal world, it is best to get your nutrition from whole foods. The issue is that many of us, due to our lifestyles, often skip meals or make unhealthy choices, so a good quality meal replacement can be a great way to meet your dietary requirements.”