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It is a real battle to make an effort and then try to lose weight, everyone tries to opt for different solutions. Individuals make use of natural supplements, drugs, and pills. Reviews about dieting products confessed that such supplements function using mechanisms through which fat burning of the body increases, decreases absorption, and decreases hunger extent. 

Therefore, losing weight is unquestionably obdurate and requires a lot of courage. It is a proven fact that when you intend to lose weight, you not only kill your desire to eat your favorite food but you battle against your body. The effort to burn a lot of calories slows down the metabolism, therefore a moderate approach can help you in maintaining an accurate balance.


Synephrine is the compound present in the bitter orange, it is similar to ephedrine which was a famous constituent in the formulation of different pills for weight loss. Though currently, its consumption is limited as there is little research about this and no evidence regarding whether it truly helps in losing weight or not. 

The utilization of ephedra in dietary additions can cause stroke, heart attack and become the source of increased blood pressure. Affixing oil of bitter orange to the body surface may help foot infections, jock itch, and ringworm but no research confirmed its significance for weight loss, premenstrual syndrome, and anxiety.

Mint family supplement

People explore easy solutions to lose weight such as the utilization of herbal medicines and dietary supplements. Mint family supplement known as forskolin is one of them which is known to help people in reducing weight. There is little research that agrees that forskolin helps in muscle building and weight loss (decreases body fat).

 Theoretically, forskolin helps in density loss by assisting produce enzymes named adenylate cyclase and lipase. These two catalysts lose fatty acids from the cells of the human body. Unconfined fatty acids can be combusted as fuel, burning of fatty acids decreases fat impacting the strong mass of muscles.


Hydroxycut is a group that contains various dietary supplements and is sold to users to help them in reducing weight, no prescription is required to purchase these supplements. Robusta coffee infusion is the key ingredient in it and this is regarded as quite a famous supplement among people intending to lose weight. 

Hydroxycut comprises some components that are declared to aid weight loss such as some plant extracts and caffeine. However, caffeine irritable people may feel stress, jitteriness, shiverings, queasiness, diarrhea, and irritation.

Malabar tamarind (Garcinia cambogia)

It is known that Garcinia cambogia obstructs your body’s capability to produce fat and it fixes the hurdles on your craving. Loss of unnecessary weight could aid maintain blood sugar and level of cholesterol also. There is no news of severe negative effects, but some stories of moderate digestive difficulties were seen in articles and news.


Individuals try to do a lot of things to lose weight from dieting to intake of supplements and excessive exercise, though it is hard various supplements help in this process but that too can have side effects.