6 ways to mount your backpack for 360 camera

Having a 360 camera on your backpack is awesome. So is being able to capture the immersive, panoramic views at any time. But what if you don’t want to take off your backpack every time you need to shoot something? Mounting your 360 camera on the best backpack mount for 360 camera is the best way to keep it with you and get that perfect shot whenever you see one. Keeping a camera mounted on your bag means you can shoot videos and photos without stopping or taking it off constantly. From the moment you start packing for your trip, these 6 ways to mount your backpack for your 360 camera will help you do it right.

Hook Your Camera Onto Your Backpack

People have different bags for their camera and the same with the straps. This way you have different options for hooking your camera. You can do so in many ways, by clipping it onto your insta360 backpack strap and using the velcro to hold it steady. This works for both small and big cameras, so you don’t have to worry about the size of your gear. Just find a strap that works for your backpack’s size. Depending on the size, you can hook your camera onto the shoulder strap or the side strap of your backpack.

Slip a Camera Shoe on Your Backpack

Another way to mount your camera on your backpack is to use a camera shoe. This is a metal bracket that is mounted on top of the camera and is used for flash synchronization. It is also a small plate or platform that you can slide into your bag without the need to attach anything. The camera shoe will have a strap, so you can attach the camera to the shoe. This way you can shoot at any time

Use a Lanyard and Carabiner

A lanyard and carabiner are two of the simplest ways to mount your backpack for GoPro. There are different types of carabiner and lanyard out there, each with a different material. You just need to attach your lanyard to the carabiner and then clip it onto your backpack. This setup will let you hang the camera from your bag. If you’re looking for a more secure way to mount the camera, you can instead use two carabiners and attach them to the strap on your backpack. This 360 camera mount method is a bit more secure since it’s attached to your bag and not just a strap.

Get a Grip with an Action Cam Grip

A grip is a great way to steady your insta360 one r backpack mount for GoPro because it gives you a secure and firm grip on your camera. This will ensure your camera is secure and won’t fall off the bag while you’re walking. You can attach the grip to your bag using a clip or a strap. If you choose to clip the grip onto your bag, be careful not to clip it too tightly to avoid damaging your backpack. Alternatively, you can strap the grip to your bag using a carabiner.

Utilize the Looping Strap Feature on your Bag

You can easily mount your backpack for GoPro using the looping strap on any bag. The looping strap is the strap on the top of your bag that is meant to secure a jacket or other clothing. To mount the camera, simply attach the camera’s lanyard to the looping strap and then clip it onto the carabiner that came with your camera. This method will let you secure your camera to the top of your bag without attaching it to the bag itself.

Get a Professional Mount for your Bag

If you want to go the extra mile to ensure your camera is mounted securely, you can get a professional mount for your bag. There are many different types of mounts, including a suction cup mount, tripod mount, and strap mount. Depending on the type of mount you get, you might be able to mount your backpack for GoPro in several different ways. For example, a suction cup mount can be mounted on the wall of a car or on a tree, allowing you to shoot from almost any angle.


These 6 ways to mount your backpack for GoPro will keep your camera with you at all times and ready to shoot. A mounted camera lets you capture stunning photos and videos without having to take off your backpack. Whether you want to use a strap, grip, shoe, or other mounting option, there are many ways to keep your camera on your backpack and ready to shoot. Keep in mind, you might want to be careful not to damage your backpack by attaching a heavy camera.

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