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I’m here with someone I deeply admire and I’m incredibly grateful for. Dr. Alan Christianson is a naturopathic endocrinologist who focuses on thyroid function and especially Hashimoto’s (which I experienced) as properly as hypothyroidism and Graves’ sickness.
Dr. Christianson was basically the initial medical doctor to diagnose me (the right way) and tutorial me to my recovery. He’s also carried out this for countless numbers of people today in his yrs of follow.
In this episode, we go deep on, of course, thyroid well being, but also factors like iodine, body weight loss, and some confounding variables that are not generally thought of when it arrives to thyroid.
Episode Highlights With Dr. Alan Christianson

Unique assets to help with thyroid disorder
Some important motives to think about preventing iodine with thyroid disorder
Why you probably want significantly less iodine, not extra, if you have thyroid condition (this was an important issue for me)
The hidden supply of iodine you’ve in all probability never ever regarded as
How to know if you’re putting iodine on your pores and skin without the need of being aware of it
What to know about selenium intake and how to get plenty of without having receiving far too a lot
The labs to know to seem at for thyroid health and fitness
A person lab that confirms the presence of thyroid disorder
The two solutions you should really contemplate keeping away from for thyroid health
And a lot more!

Resources We Point out

Connect with Dr. Alan Christianson
Books by Dr. Alan Christianson
Maldon Celtic Salt (frequent and smoked)

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