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It becomes even harder for women to choose a fat burner, as many fat-burning supplements are testosterone boosters and muscle builders.

If you know the diet supplement scene, you are probably familiar with web pages advertising fat-burning supplements with names like “Super Shredder” or “Mega Cutter”. You’ve also probably seen pages upon pages of shirtless men with six-pack abs and bulging biceps. While there is nothing wrong with this, as the desire to become fit and muscular is perfectly normal and acceptable, some may wonder what fat-burning products exist for women?

There actually are a number of products out there that advertise weight loss specifically for women, but, again, the supplement scene is filled with imposters, copycats, and outright frauds. It can be hard to decide what a good fat-burning supplement can be. It becomes even harder for women to choose a fat burner, as many fat-burning supplements are testosterone boosters and muscle builders, which may not provide the lean, fit body that many women are looking for.

There are good products out there, though, and there are specific ingredients that people should look for. Some of those common, effective ingredients are:

  • Peppers and pepper extracts
  • Caffeine
  • Anything high in fiber
  • Anything high in antioxidants

Those are not the only ingredients that are effective at creating a leaner, healthier physique, but they are commonalities. There are 5 specific products that have these ingredients in common, and this is what makes them the best fat burners for women. They are:

Top 5 Fat Burners for Women

  1. LeanBean – The Best Overall Fat Burner for Women
  2. PhenQ – The Best 5 in 1 Fat Burner
  3. Hourglass Fit – The Best Caffeine-Free Fat Burner for Women
  4. Powher Cut – The Best Fat Burner for Stacking
  5. Trimtone – Best 1-A-Day Fat Burner

#1. LeanBean – The Best Overall Fat Burner for Women

5 Best Fat Burners for Women In 2022 Reviews  Buyer Guide

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The goals of weight loss for men and women tend to be different, which is why some dietary supplements are specifically advertised to men and others are advertised to women. Men tend to want to build bulk and gain muscle mass, and while it isn’t wrong for women to want to be muscular, they tend to want to slim down and drop weight. So, when it comes to something being the best fat burner for women, they’ll tend to want something that does the following three things:

  • Reduce body fat, especially in the stomach
  • Suppress the appetite so that more fat isn’t built up in the body
  • Stimulate the mind and provide energy so that the user will want to workout

If this sounds like what you are looking for in a dietary supplement, then Leanbean is the product for you. Leanbean is loaded with ingredients that are specifically tailored towards the needs of women, or anyone looking to simply slim down and reduce body fat. Of the fat burners on this list, it is one of the more powerful, as its ingredients list is a bit more extensive than the others. However, these ingredients are generally not fillers and will provide your body with all its fat-burning, mind-energizing, and appetite-suppressing needs

The all-natural Leanbean is taken 3 times a day, 2 capsules at a time, and should be taken with 250 ml, or 8 oz, of water. Please note, though, that there is caffeine in Leanbean, like with many fat burners, so make sure you take your third dose a few hours before you are trying to go to bed.


  • Choline
  • Glucomannan
  • Green Coffee
  • Chloride
  • Piperine
  • Vitamin B6
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Vitamin B12
  • Zinc
  • Turmeric
  • Acai Berry
  • Garcinia Cambogia


Use thermogenesis to burn fat away: You’re going to hear the term thermogenesis a lot when looking into fat burners. There’s a reason for this, and it has to do with why we call it ‘burning fat’. Thermogenesis, in the simplest terms, refers to the raising of one’s body temperature, which in turn helps break down fats, lipids, and calories in the body, especially in the stomach, thus removing fat from the body using the body’s natural metabolism. Leanbean contains Green Coffee, which contains Caffeine, which can increase the body’s temperature. Turmeric has also been shown to have this quality, due to a compound in turmeric known as curcumin. So, by heating up the body, these ingredients are helping you remove excess fat and calories, helping you drop weight naturally.

Give your cravings a knockout punch: One of the difficult things about dieting is dealing with hunger. You want to eat, but you can’t just start snacking away, or you’ll undo all the good your trip to the gym did you. Still, you can’t ignore the growling of your stomach. Leanbean has you covered here too. First off, Leanbean has Glucomannan, a dietary fiber that does a lot to reduce hunger. Fiber absorbs water in the stomach, which compacts the stomach and reduces the desire to eat. There is also a component in Leanbean called Garcinia Cambogia, which has also been shown to reduce hunger in clinical trials. Garcinia Cambogia does this by raising your brain’s serotonin levels, which is linked to your body’s cravings to eat. So, if you take Leanbean three times a day, before your three daily meals, it should cut down your desire to overeat and not cause your daily nutritional intake to become a gorge festival. Caffeine has also been linked with mild appetite reduction as well.

Stop the production of fat in its tracks: Burning fat is great, but what if you could stop fat production altogether? There are two ingredients in Leanbrean that do just that. Piperine is a component usually found in black pepper, and it actually has been shown, by science, to block the enzymes that produce fat cells, thus stopping fat from being created in the first place. Garcinia Cambogia, while also reducing your cravings, has also been shown to block the same enzymes. With these two ingredients, your body will not only be getting rid of all your stored fat through thermogenesis, but it will also be stopping the fat from being made in the first place.

Give your mind and your metabolism a needed boost: If you’ve ever had energy drinks before, you’ll notice that there are a few familiar ingredients in Leanbean, caffeine, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. While caffeine is definitely a stimulant that provides the body with energy, vitamins B6 and B12 don’t actually give your body energy. Rather, they are used to help convert food into energy by converting consumed products into glucose. B Vitamins essentially boost your metabolism to boost your energy, and there are other ingredients in Leanbean doing similar things. Acai Berry, for example, is loaded with antioxidants, which help increase blood flow, which will make your body feel more energized, and is connected with reducing muscle fatigue caused by working out. Zinc also helps with the increase in blood flow.

Pros and Cons

Leanbean is one of the best fat burners for women because it:

  • Reduces belly fat through thermogenesis and increased metabolism
  • Stops the body from producing more fat
  • Energizes the body, which helps the thermogenesis, but also provides an improved mental state and motivation to get yourself to the gym
  • Is designed with women specifically in mind
  • Is free of all GMOs and is friendly to vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets
  • Most of the ingredients in Leanbean stand up to scientific rigor
  • Is only $59.99 for a one-month supply, comes with multiple discounts if bought in bulk, and has a 90-Day moneyback guarantee

Leanbean is a great product, but it may not be for everyone. A few of the issues with Leanbean are:


  • That Garcinia Cambogia’s benefits have not been consistent in clinical trials
  • Leanbean is caffeinated and calls for being taken towards the evening, so you have to be very careful with the timing of the dosage, and because of the caffeine, Leanbean should be avoided by anyone sensitive to caffeine or with sleep disorders
  • Leanbean may also contain too much caffeine for nursing or pregnant women
  • Leanbean has a lot of ingredients, so it can interfere with other supplements or medications you may be taking

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#2. PhenQ – The Best 5 in 1 Fat Burner

5 Best Fat Burners for Women In 2022 Reviews  Buyer Guide

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Sometimes advertisements should not be trusted. This seems like an obvious statement, we all basically know that ads can be a bit misleading, if not downright dishonest, but sometimes the lack of trust in ads should work in the opposite direction. Just because the ads of a product make it look like it is not for us does not mean it shouldn’t be bought.

Enter PhenQ, a powerful fat burner that, if you take a glance at their website, seems to be designed with buff, bodybuilding men in mind. The way PhenQ is marketed may push women away from purchasing it, but this is a case where the ad should be ignored, because, at its core, PhenQ is really just a solid, powerful fat burner.

It offers the usual promises of most fat burners, such as:

  • Keeping your appetite at bay
  • Blocking the production of fat
  • Using thermogenesis to burn away fat
  • Providing your body with a boost of energy

There is a fifth benefit that PhenQ advertises, though, which is a boost to your overall mood. Therefore, PhenQ is a 5-in-1 fat burner that really covers all bases when it comes to weight loss.

While there are some ingredients in PhenQ that have been linked with an increased production of HGH, which can lead to muscle mass, this is not the main benefit of PhenQ, and overall, PhenQ works mostly as a slimming agent. Just take 2 pills twice a day, 1 at breakfast and 1 at lunch, and you should begin seeing results.


  • Capsimax Powder
  • Nopal
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Caffeine


Anything Leanbean can do, PhenQ can do: When it comes to thermogenesis, PhenQ has you covered. PhenQ has a pepper blend known as Capximax Powder that contains the ingredient capsaicin, the component in peppers that makes your mouth feel hot. When taken in supplement form, this pepper ingredient will increase thermogenesis in the body, burning away fat. If you are looking for an appetite suppressant, Nopal cactus is incredibly high in fiber and will give you the same benefits that glucomannan does. PhenQ has caffeine in it, giving you both the thermogenic qualities, the energy boost, and the appetite suppressing benefits. So, PhenQ does everything other fat burners, including Leanbean, claim to do.

Ingredients that produce Human Growth Hormone: Now, you might have heard a rumor that HGH will give women big bulky muscles, but this turns out to be a myth according to scientific data. In fact, HGH has been linked to slimming women down and making them appear more youthful. Both Nopal Cactus and L-Carnitine Fumarate are giving your body amino acids that can help the body generate more HGH, which in turn can assist with weight loss and de-aging. There are also connections between amino acids and speeding up the body’s metabolism, which is going to both boost your energy and increase thermogenesis.

Other benefits of L-Carnitine Fumarate: L-Carnitine Fumarate is an amino acid that is linked to a lot of benefits. L-Carnitine Fumarate has been linked to a reduction in chest pain, improved blood flow and heart health, improved weight loss by reducing blood sugar, reduce inflammation in the ovaries, and can increase ovulation for those looking to become pregnant.

Pros and Cons

PhenQ can do everything that other fat burners do, but by adding amino acids, it becomes one of the best fat burners for women and men because:

  • It can raise the production of HGH, thus helping with weight loss and giving the user a more youthful appearance
  • It reduces your desire to eat with fiber and caffeine
  • It increases your thermogenic properties so that fat can be burned away
  • It has ingredients connected to a reduction in blood sugar and an increase in heart health
  • It is friendly to vegetarians and vegans, uses completely natural ingredients, and is manufactured in facilities that are FDA and GMP approved
  • It has a 60-day money-back guarantee

Despite how wonderful PhenQ is, there are a couple of things that you should consider before buying, like:


  • If you have sleep disorders, are pregnant or nursing, or if you suffer from anxiety, PhenQ’s heavy caffeine dose may not be appropriate for you
  • The claim to ‘boost your mood’ only seems to be from caffeine. There are no ingredients that are shown to reduce anxiety or increase serotonin
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate is used to treat infertility in men and women, so if you do not wish to be pregnant, you may want to consider your use of PhenQ

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#3. Hourglass Fit – The Best Caffeine-Free Fat Burner for Women

5 Best Fat Burners for Women In 2022 Reviews  Buyer Guide

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We keep seeing caffeine appearing on this list, in both the ingredients and benefits, but also in the concerns. Women who are pregnant or nursing can’t use caffeine, and if you have issues with high anxiety, restlessness, or you simply are just sensitive to caffeine, you can’t take most fat-burning pills, as most of them use caffeine. Furthermore, the appetite reduction in caffeine may be a bit oversold.

This is where Hourglass Fit comes in. It has ingredients that will do everything that other fat burners claim they can do, but without having to rely on caffeine. This even includes a boost to your energy, and, yes, even the thermogenic properties of the other fat burners. It also includes an ingredient that is linked to an increase in your positive mood by helping your brain develop more serotonin. There are even antioxidants in Hourglass Fit to help increase your blood flow, keeping your heart healthy and your muscle fatigue low.

It is recommended that you take 4 capsules of Hourglass Fit a day. You can find your own balance and routine of consumption, as, since the product doesn’t have caffeine, you won’t experience restlessness if you take Hourglass Fit later in the evening (though the thermogenesis might make the night sweats a little worse).


  • 5-HTP
  • Glucomannan (from Konjac Root Extract)
  • Vitamin B5
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B6
  • Chromium
  • Vitamin B12
  • Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract)
  • Capsimax (from Cayenne Pepper Extract)


Mining your body for energy without caffeine: So, how do you get energy without caffeine? Well, as we’ve already discussed, B vitamins, like Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12, all help turn your consumed food into glucose, thus providing your body with increased metabolism and increased energy. Furthermore, Zinc and Chromium are going to help improve your blood flow, as they are antioxidants, and this is going to wake your mind up while also pumping oxygen to your muscles, reducing muscle fatigue. Finally, you’ve got the 5-HTP, a grouping of amino acids that are linked to increasing the serotonin in your brain. Not only is this connected with appetite suppression, similar to Garcinia Cambogia, but increased serotonin has been linked with a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety, so you’ll not only feel energized but better overall.

If other fat burners do it, so does Hourglass Fit: Since caffeine is such a common ingredient in fat burners, you might think you are missing out on some of the benefits that other fat burners have. This is generally not true, though, if you look at the ingredients of Hourglass fit. Along with the 5-HTP, you’ll see that Glucomannan is also present, which in turn gives you the fiber to reduce appetite and cravings. You’ll see the Capsimax powder is present, as well as the B Vitamins that help assist in thermogenesis. Bioperine is black pepper extract, so you are also getting the Piperine that helps stop the production of fat cells. Add in the amino acids for increased blood flow and you have everything in Hourglass Fit that other fat burners offer, but without the jittery nervousness that caffeine can bring.

Pros and Cons

Hourglass Fit is a great product because it:

  • Reduces cravings
  • Boosts serotonin and mood
  • Uses thermogenesis to burn fat
  • Can block the production of fat cells
  • Is perfectly fine for vegan and vegetarian diets, and is also soy and gluten-free
  • Made in certified facilities in the UK
  • Offers free shipping worldwide

While Hourglass Fit seems like the perfect product, a few things to keep in mind are:


  • The scientific consensus on the efficacy of 5-HTP is still out, so it may not have the serotonin-boosting qualities that it claims
  • Hourglass Fit does not offer a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied. You can only return unopened, unused bottles
  • You do have to purchase a two month supply in order to get free shipping

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#4. Powher Cut – The Best Fat Burner for Stacking

5 Best Fat Burners for Women In 2022 Reviews  Buyer Guide

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Many people who enjoy supplements like to take a lot of different supplements, and while supplements are safe due to most of them being all-natural, some ingredients can become toxic in the body if taken in high doses. So, if you are a fan of stacking supplements, you’re going to want a fat burner that does a lot with very little.

Powher Cut has you covered here. It seeks to accomplish what all other fat burners accomplish but uses a minuscule amount of key, natural ingredients. Of course, you’ll get the usual promises, a reduction in appetite mixed with an increase in thermogenesis to help reduce cravings, plus an increase in energy. Powher Cut has the ingredients to accomplish this, but it doesn’t load its supplement with a bunch of roots and berries from deep, dark jungles that may or may not be clinically researched.

Powher Cut, instead, keeps it simple, and can also be considered a fairly powerful appetite reducer in comparison with other products. Just take 2 pills 3 times a day with 1 to 2 glasses of water for the full effect of Powher Cut. Just make sure that the third dose is not too late in the evening, as caffeine can keep you from getting a restful night’s sleep, which is also important in the weight loss process.


  • Caffeine (from Coffee Arabica)
  • Selenium
  • Choline
  • Magnesium
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Glucomannan


Does it all with less: We’ve seen a lot of these ingredients before, but now we are seeing them without a laundry list of other ingredients. Caffeine has the ability to boost your mood, increase thermogenesis, and reduce your appetite for a brief time, so you’ve got all those qualities working for you. Both Chromium Picolinate and Glucomannan are working to reduce your appetite, with Chromium Picolinate even going a step further by reducing your blood sugar. So, the usual promises in most fat burners are definitely applicable to Powher Cut.

Selenium and Magnesium are great for you: Magnesium may not be directly connected to weight loss, but it has been linked to a reduction in blood sugar, which not only is connected with a reduction in appetite but can also keep you from becoming diabetic, a common result of being overweight. Furthermore, it helps get your body the nutrients it needs by transporting calcium and potassium throughout your body, keeping your bones strong and your body hydrated. Selenium is also an interesting ingredient, as it has been connected to the regulation of the thyroid. A common reason people gain weight is due to an overactive thyroid, so Selenium’s ability to regulate the thyroid and keep the metabolism running healthily is a great benefit in regards to weight loss.

The antioxidant Choline is great at metabolizing fats and lipids: Within the B Vitamin family is an ingredient called Choline. While your liver naturally makes Choline, a little more in your diety can help, as it has been shown in clinical trials to increase the metabolization of lipids and fats. Not only does it help your body pass excess fat out of your system through your natural digestion, but it is also an antioxidant, which means it is great at increasing your blood flow.

Pros and Cons

Even with only a few ingredients, Powher Cut can be listed as one of the best fat burners for women because:

  • It has multiple ingredients that are helping reduce your hunger, keeping you from overeating
  • It boosts your metabolism through natural means while allowing the passage of necessary vitamins and minerals throughout your body
  • It has thermogenic increasing ingredients to help burn fat away
  • It doesn’t have a lot of ingredients, so it is very pairable with other supplements and medications
  • Is made in GMP approved facilities
  • Comes with a 90-Day money-back guarantee
  • Comes with free shipping and discounts on bulk orders

While Powher Cut is a great product, there are a few reasons that you might choose a different fat burner over Powher Cut, like:


  • The product contains caffeine, so it is not appropriate for pregnant or nursing women, nor is it appropriate for anyone suffering from restlessness or anxiety
  • Caffeine is the only real thermogenic ingredient, so other fat burning supplements will give you more
  • There are no ingredients that are shown to reduce the production of fat cells

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#5. Trimtone – Best 1-A-Day Fat Burner

5 Best Fat Burners for Women In 2022 Reviews  Buyer Guide

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4 pills a day, 6 pills a day, sometimes even as high as 9 pills a day. So many of these supplements want you to take multiple pills at multiple points in the day, requiring you to set timers and remember how many pills you took earlier versus how many you need to take now. The schedule you are required to keep with all these fat-burning supplements can be exhausting.

This is where Trimtone comes in. Trimtone is a fat burner that is specifically engineered to be taken once a day, generally in the morning before breakfast and with a glass or 2 of water. The simplicity of Trimtone is not the only thing it has going for it. Trimtone is a thermogenic bomb. Due to the high amounts of caffeine and other ingredients, Trimtone is going to set your body ablaze, burning through fat like it is nobody’s business.

A quick examination of the ingredients in Trimtone reveals that it can:

  • Burn fat through thermogenesis
  • Increase your energy
  • Calm your mind (despite how much caffeine is in it)
  • Keep your appetite suppressed


  • Grains of Paradise
  • Caffeine
  • Green Tea
  • Glucomannan
  • Green Coffee


Is it hot in here, or is it just thermogenesis: You’ll notice that Trimtone has a lot of sources of caffeine. From Green Tea to Green Coffee to regular old caffeine, Trimtone is quite a wake-up call. Due to the amount of caffeine, many people consider Trimtone a solid pre-workout supplement, as all the caffeine will definitely get your body hot and produce sweat to drop weight. There’s a lot more going on than just a bunch of caffeine, though. Green Coffee also contains chlorogenic acid, which is usually lost when coffee beans are roasted. Chlorogenic acid has been linked with a reduction in the amount of glucose and fat that your gut absorbs, reducing the fat in your body and also helping your blood sugar levels. Green Tea contains L-Theanine, an amino acid not made in your body that is heavily linked with a calm, relaxed, and focused mind. Add to that the appetite suppression of caffeine and you’ve got a lot of benefits from all these caffeine sources.

There’s a reason they’re called Grains of Paradise: A member of the ginger family, Grains of Paradise are a group of seeds that activate the brown adipose tissue in your body. When adipose is activated, it heats up the body, creating all kinds of thermogenic properties that will incinerate fat. This enhanced thermogenesis in your body is another reason why Trimtone is considered a good pre-workout. You’ll be sweating away the lipids and fats in your body as the caffeine and the Grains of Paradise heat you up. There is also a connection between Grains of Paradise and a reduction in blood sugar levels, which is also prime for a healthier body.

More fiber, less hunger: Glucomannan is back on the table. As already discussed, fiber is a great way to reduce hunger, but Trimtone goes easy on this ingredient, as overconsumption of Glucomannan can actually make people feel bloated and sluggish.

Pros and Cons

Trimtone can be considered one of the best fat burners for women because:

  • With all the thermogenic agents in Trimtone, it is truly a fat burner
  • It has ingredients that will help stop cravings, but it balances those ingredients to keep you from feeling bloated and tired
  • There are several ingredients that can help with your blood sugar levels
  • It promotes a calm, clear mind
  • It offers the best money-back guarantee at 100 days and comes with free shipping on orders of 3 or more bottles
  • It only requires one pill a day
  • It is one of the cheaper options at only $49.99 for a one-month supply

With all this in mind, there are some key downsides to Trimtone, such as:


  • Trimtone is currently only available for preorder, so it can’t be outright purchased at the moment
  • Trimtone uses gelatin capsules, so it is not vegan or vegetarian-friendly
  • There is a LOT of caffeine in this, so all the aforementioned issues with caffeine apply here
  • Grains of Paradise lacks full clinical trials to really decide if it is as suitable for weight loss as it claims to be

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Buyer’s Guide on Best Fat Burner for Women

So, it comes down to this: which of these products is the best fat burner for women? While it is going to come down to personal needs, goals, and dietary requirements, here is what you should consider:

  • If caffeine is not an option, and you don’t want to use multiple supplements, Leanbean is probably your best bet. It has the most scientifically backed ingredients that do the absolute most for your body. PhenQ might be a close second, and due to the lack of ingredients, it is also a solid option for stacking, but some people might be turned off by the HGH-producing ingredients.
  • If you can’t have caffeine or don’t want to give up your morning coffee, Hourglass Fit is a good option. It basically has and does everything Leanbean has and does, but it accomplishes this without the need for caffeine, though it does contain cayenne pepper, which is considered a mild stimulant, so keep that in mind.
  • Powher Cut, like PhenQ, is great if you are trying to take multiple supplements, as the ingredients in Powher Cut are effective, but they are minimal, thus allowing other supplements (like maybe Nootropics) to be taken.
  • Trimtone is great if you don’t want to fidget with multiple pills or you are looking for a pill that works as a pre-workout.

Safety Concerns

While the ingredients in all of these fat burners are all-natural, they can come with a few safety concerns, so before taking any fat burner, consider the following:

  • Caffeine can cause indigestion and heartburn and can also create heart-health issues if taken in excess. It has also been linked to sleeplessness and anxiety.
  • Piperine has been known to block the effects of certain medications, so consult your doctor if you are on any medications before taking any Piperine, Bioperine, or Black Pepper Extract-based fat burner.
  • B Vitamins and Zinc can become toxic in your body if taken in excess, so be careful of other foods and supplements containing these ingredients.


Where are these fat burners available for purchase?

When it comes to supplements, major retailers often sell knockoff versions that are either weaker versions of the original or contain synthetic ingredients that may come with nasty side effects. For this reason, you should really only purchase these fat burners from their official websites. You can find all these products at:

What should I pay for a fat burner?

You might find lesser quality fat burners for $20 a bottle, but these are generally going to be ineffective and not really worth your time. At almost $70 for a one-month supply, PhenQ is at the upper end of what you should pay. The lower end is Trimtone at $50. Generally speaking, expect to pay around $60 to $65 for a single bottle of these products. They all do offer bulk discounts, free shipping, and free bottles for more expensive purchases.


As mentioned at the start, you want to find a fat burner that will increase thermogenesis in your body, curb your hunger, and may even stop the production of fat cells in your body. The most common ingredients to do this are caffeine, pepper extracts, and piperine. It doesn’t hurt when they also contain antioxidants that can help increase blood flow or when they have agents that reduce your blood sugar levels.

Leanbean, PhenQ, and Hourglass Fit accomplish these main goals entirely, which make them some of the best fat burners for women. Trimtone and Powher Cut may not do all of these things, but they do have specific benefits that make them worth consideration.

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