4 Ways Germans Take Care of Their Health

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With the average life expectancy of a man decreasing each year due to the type of food we consume and the lazy society we are living in, focus on the promotion of good health has been of prime importance. 

Not only is the international community working to promote sustainable health services but also regional and national governments. 

Germany in particular has placed a major focus on the health of its citizens. 

However as much as the government can do its due diligence and provide the best healthcare system there is, it only rests upon an individual person to keep themselves healthy. 

How can you achieve proper health while living in Germany?

In this article, we are going to look at some of the ways the German people take care of their health.

  1. Eating healthy

I always say we are what we consume. Eating healthy lays the foundation for a happy and healthy life. 

Taking in organic food and reducing the intake of processed meals is the first step. I use the word reduce the intake because it is nearly impossible to keep off processed food.

Germany just like many first-world countries is consumed by the fast-food culture. It is therefore inevitable that at some point during your stay in Germany, you will have to order some food. 

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You should make a habit of reading reviews before purchasing anything online for you to get the best services possible.

If you can access a garden within your place of residence, let this be a sign to grow a garden. 

Simple vegetables like carrots, coriander, kale, broccoli and peppers are very easy to grow and mature very fast. 

There is no better feeling than eating fresh from your own garden.

Lastly proper hydration is part of a good healthy diet. Drink as much water as you can every day as it is proven to be very beneficial to your health.

  1. Compulsory health insurance.

This is by far the biggest step taken by the government to promote the health sector. 

All German residents and foreigners visiting the country are required to have valid insurance.

Nobody moving to Germany shall be granted a German visa without proof of international health insurance. 

Mandatory health insurance will ensure people get treatment at affordable prices. It also acts as a financial backup in times of emergencies.

  1. The German Healthcare system.

The German healthcare system is remarkable. Not only is it considered among the best in Europe but also all across the world. 

Doctors and medical practitioners are very skilled in their fields and because of this, they are paid well. 

The federal ministry of health has ensured that all the medical structures and institutions run well and provide the highest attainable social welfare service. 

The healthcare system also provides one of the best rehabilitation facilities in Europe. 

Students and special persons also get discounts on statutory health insurance. 

Using your insurance coverage a person can schedule doctor’s appointments for a check-up. 

With a good health care system in place, there is better welfare service for all. 

  1. Sports and exercising

Another way to attain good health while in Germany is through participating in sports activities. 

You don’t have to move to Germany to understand that exercise is important to keep your body healthy.

The German government has invested a lot of money in sports and recreation activities. Fun fact about Germany is that it home to one of the best football teams in the world add more than 6.6 million of its population are affiliated to a football club. 

You don’t have to aim to be a professional German athlete or a footballer to start exercising everyday.

There are so many great sports clubs in Germany as well as physical fitness centres. 

Enroll in one today and start your physical and mental health journey. 

  1. Getting enough sleep

The working environment in Germany is intense. 

The only way to replenish your energy is through getting proper sleep. 

While on your stay in Germany you should ensure you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. 

Sleeping at the same time every day and waking up at the same time everyday is a great health habit to adopt. 

Getting enough rest will ensure that you are more active and productive in the things you do.