4 Latest Norwegian Makeup Trends

Makeup Trends on the Nordic Streets — NORDIC STYLE MAG

Norway is a beautiful country. However, it does not boast of a showy and extravagant beauty like many other countries. Instead, it claims a quiet and sober beauty, the type you will see in those cool evenings by the sea with the full glow of the moon radiating on the surface of the water. It is not fierce; it is cool and inviting: a blend of minimalism and simplicity. Norskeanmeldelser.no can help you navigate the country for the duration of your stay as you glean from citizens’ reviews. 

It is this concept of minimalism and simplicity that permeates the beauty and fashion space of Norway. It is believed that a person’s beauty comes from their inner feelings and thoughts. If you are happy, you will be beautiful, and if you are sad, well, you will have an ugly countenance. 

Makeup is a silent friend that bolsters your confidence and beauty. It is never in the spotlight and is always as natural and organic as many Norwegians can allow. If you are ever in Norway, visit Beautycos for a beauty makeover. Always remember that in Norway, less is more. It is cultural, a representation of humility.

Even though Norway’s traditional and cultural fashion is to go minimalistic, there is an emerging trend among the younger generation of experimenting with makeup, making bolder statements. Let’s check out these prominent trends in Norway’s current fashion and beauty space.

  1. High demand for natural cosmetics

There is more demand for natural and organic beauty substances. And this is because Norwegians are becoming increasingly concerned about their health and wellbeing. People also want sustainable cosmetics. Apart from the health concerns, which includes allergies and other body reactions, many people are concerned about the effects of artificial beauty aesthetics on the environment. And this feeling reflects in the choices that permeate Norway. Everyone wants something natural.

  1. Water is important

Hydration as a beauty maintenance technique has been in Norway for a long time and has shown no sign of disappearing from their beauty space. Proper hydration helps to maintain a healthy glow in the skin. Norwegians focus on hydration levels, which means they drink a lot of water. And this helps to protect the skin from external factors that come with using products with too many antioxidants. Water is also very easy to come by because Norway is surrounded by water.

  1. Hair and scalp care

Nordic people shun products that have adverse effects on their hair or scalp. They prioritise the health of these parts of the body, making sure that nothing affects them adversely. And this is why a majority of Nordic people favour natural and organic products because it improves the health of their hair and scalp. Also, products have well-written and concise descriptions of how to use them. These descriptions make it easy to use them without fear that they will injure the hair or scalp.

  1. Bold makeup

Culturally, Norway practices a beauty culture that is sober and not extravagant. This trend reflects the traditional sentiment that humility must be a part of human nature, reflecting every aspect of a person, including their dressing. When you find many Norwegian celebrities or models, you will notice that they do not use makeup at all or use it in minimal amounts

However, some members of the new generation differ with this prevalent belief. You can consider it as youthful exuberance, the exciting flair for adventure that is youth and transcends every culture. To this end, more young Norwegians are becoming bolder with their makeup treatments, wearing bolder colours and flashy outfits.

However, this practice is not yet prevalent, but it shows promise. Norway is a beautiful country filled with wonderful people and fantastic sights. And here, the most important rule of beauty holds sway: beauty is only found in the faces of those with happiness in the inner recesses of their heart