3 Workout at Home Tips For Fat Loss

A few months ago, I noticed how lean and fit gymnasts, dancers, and yogis (people who practice yoga) were, despite never lifting anything but their own bodyweight! I began watching and learning more about how these athletes move, and soon began to incorporate some of their movements into my regular training.

After dropping more than 15 lbs within a few months, I realized that bodyweight workouts are one of the best, most fun ways of working out at home. So here are three home workout tips I learned that I would like to pass on to you:

#1: Keep your Bodyweight Exercises Unique

Basic pushups, pullups, and bodyweight squats are great, but they can get really boring really fast. When you’re bored with your bodyweight program, there is a less chance that you’ll be consistent with it. If you’re not consistent with your program, then you won’t get results.

Hence, keep switching things up and look outside the box for unique bodyweight exercises. A great place to look for unique movements is to observe the way gymnasts, dancers, and yogis move. There are also some great books andeBooks out there that show you unique bodyweight exercises.

#2: Train at a High Intensity Level

Intensity has a lot of meaning in the fitness world. But when I talk about intensity, I mean you should train to a point where you heart rate is 75% or higher. The “fat burning” zone is false. It doesn’t exist. Instead, the best way to burn fat is to train at a high intensity level and boot your metabolic rate.

Your metabolic rate is a measure of how fast your body burns calories. The faster your metabolic rate, the more calories you burn. The more calories you burn, the more fat you lose. It’s as simple as that. So stop wasting your time on the treadmill and perform some high intensity training.

#3: Keep your Workouts Short

Most people don’t have a lot of time to workout. Most of us don’t need to the grueling 4-hour training sessions of gymnasts and dancers. Instead, just move as fast as you can during your training sessions, at a high intensity level, and you’ll be able to burn fat with very little time commitment.

This way, your workouts are short, intense and challenging. You will not have an excuse not to workout (except your absolute laziness). There are many ways to create a short workout, but one of the best ways is something known as interval training.

Interval training is where you perform an exercise for a short period of time followed by a short period of rest. For example, try to perform squat jumps for 30 seconds, and followed by a 30 second rest period. Choose 2-3 more exercises and perform them back to back with a quick, 3-4 minute circuit.

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