Are you interested in using an influencer to promote your product? That is a good idea. It has been increasing its popularity these days. The modern people’s lifestyles that rely heavily on the internet provide a platform for these people to send a message. If you use them, they can promote your product effectively. Now, before you do that, here we have several tips about working with an influencer that you must know.

Give Them Freedom

Unlike using an advertising agency, where you also have control over the campaign shape, influencer marketing doesn’t work like that. They are not professional marketers. And, mostly, they use their private accounts to send the message. So, they don’t want to be restricted because it also limits their creativity. In the end, it also affects your marketing result.

Let them be free to do what they are good at. Then, they will promote your product in the most unique way. Because of these circumstances, it is also necessary to find influencers that have similar knowledge with your business field. That helps them to create even more effective content to influence their followers to use your product/service.

Provide the Details

Remember, you pay these influencers to promote your product. You are not working with a reviewer. Therefore, providing the details about your product’s best thing and what you want to promote is necessary. However, as we mentioned before, you can’t go further than that.

Give them the details! Then, let the influencers decide how to promote your product with their style. That will help the followers to understand the message because the content is something that they are familiar with. After that, you can expect a good response from the followers.

Choose the Right Influencers

This part is the vital part of your influencer marketing campaigns. The right influencers will give you the best result, guaranteed! So, how can we find and choose the best influencer? There are many ways you can use it. They must understand your business field, have many followers, or create many creative and attractive contents.

However, if you ask us the essential part of a good influencer, we would answer it with one word, dedication. You might find someone that has many followers. However, if they only post and leave, that is not a good choice. They have a low engagement rate, which affects how their followers will try your product.

The best choice is the one with dedication. Choose those who create content to satisfy the followers or try to be close with their followers, like replying to their comments or communicating with them. The followers of that kind of influencer will be easier to influence to use your product.


In general, those three are the core of influencer marketing campaigns. Try them at the beginning of the campaign. After that, you may readjust your plan with the situation you are facing during the campaign. If you could do that, your campaign will yield a successful result.